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My Boyfriend & My Mom Meet for the First Time (Josh & Zandra) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Text Comments (2283)
Vaneexx R (1 day ago)
He’s so cute
Srushti Kadam (1 day ago)
Damn, I foresee a breakup .
kisskisskitsune (1 day ago)
His voice 😍
J Mathews (2 days ago)
I love her mother
Nova Ekberg (2 days ago)
he is cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Mazeh h (2 days ago)
When i saw her face i knew immediatly she was a garbage feminist
D'anbre Thompspn (2 days ago)
What you gotta do to be on this? Set me up on the sibling episode or blind date episode with a beautiful woman
Brianna McDougal (2 days ago)
No one has noticed their legs under the table?
Julia Drew (2 days ago)
Josh is cute as hell. and an amazing guy. whew
rachael poole (2 days ago)
Can I have a Josh?
Swag Flash (3 days ago)
Kiss ass
Will K (4 days ago)
Lol he was done with that family after this
Omolara Ogunwuyi (4 days ago)
she's not a good daughter
Omolara Ogunwuyi (4 days ago)
let a back child talk to her mom the way the girl talks to her mom.
Omolara Ogunwuyi (4 days ago)
you can love me Josh, drop her cause she's ungrateful and rude.
Omolara Ogunwuyi (4 days ago)
drop her josh.
Omolara Ogunwuyi (4 days ago)
1 minute in and I already don't like his GF, blasting their business out to everyone when no one asked....shiiiiitttt
Jacie Hall (4 days ago)
I hate how people are talking shit about her and her moms relationship but they’re so close it’s awesome. Me and my step momma have a relationship like that. I wish my bio mom was as open as her.
Paula Bam (4 days ago)
Everybody be talking about how they don't like Myra but I just wanna point out how fast Josh answered that first quesion that shit had me nearly falling off my chair like... "Are my daughters needs being met sexually?" Without missing a beat: "Yes!"
Matt Borges (5 days ago)
Probably the most touching episode. Beautifully done
Kai Yanga (5 days ago)
josh, my boy... run. lol
nelles (5 days ago)
this was cringe city through and through
Kenira Flowers (5 days ago)
Peer Hamid (6 days ago)
Josh sounds like he is a dick
PrincessAriel (6 days ago)
This is fucking WHOLESOME, and my heart is warm <3
Crowned Clown (6 days ago)
Josh looks like John Cho (the Asian dude from Harold & Kumar)
Duaa Elsayed (6 days ago)
Excuse me but josh is a whole fine man, she better cherish him HES HOT OMG
A D (8 days ago)
Wow, this was is really...........uh weird and awkward. These women have serious issues. Run Kid!
Christine (8 days ago)
Josh is so hot. Wow
Abi Alston (8 days ago)
Can i volunteer to be his girlfriend bc his girlfriend ain’t it
Dabdab Dab7 (9 days ago)
“I’m thinking about dogs and cats actually”
Michael Vaughan (10 days ago)
Josh and Myra...I give it 2 years based on her shitty attitude.
bluepolog (10 days ago)
Miras a pos jfc
Francesco Monti (10 days ago)
I felt so awkward watching this :/
kacey rose (10 days ago)
Ultra cringe
Sade Iris (10 days ago)
Josh needs to skidoodle skidaddle and get the fuck outle
Respect! Single mothers r strong. :)
The Unrelated Sisters (10 days ago)
2:21 the mom: fuck u! 🖕 Me:👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 good job. But when the duaghter called her mom a grade tool, I think the mom was agreeing in the facial expression...
Me Ilamó Princesa (11 days ago)
The leg situation kinda bothers me! 😬
سعود الفايز (11 days ago)
How old they are
toren hartog (11 days ago)
I almost cried in the second half
Samuel Hess (11 days ago)
Sounds like papa was abusive
aarontheboy2 (12 days ago)
God this was awkward..
Eleanor Jones (13 days ago)
That is me and my mam
gg (13 days ago)
"How many children are you thinking of?" "I'm thinking of dogs and cats actually" ...lol
크림Kream (13 days ago)
0:21 and pause
run4walk (13 days ago)
He is hella cute
Mariam H (13 days ago)
I want josh in my life .
Sümüklü Bean Paste (13 days ago)
I want a Josh.
Tc 408 (14 days ago)
1:38 Prejudice
Tc 408 (14 days ago)
He seems real douchy.
Romannn9 (14 days ago)
The last response was bullshit
Winter Wonderland (15 days ago)
Joosh lmao
Spikyzero 613 (15 days ago)
Why are they so close
Komrade (15 days ago)
Very bitchy vibes from the daughter
The Pioneer Podcast (15 days ago)
I’m guessing they’re not together anymore.
sofia almaraz (15 days ago)
i am like kinda into asian peoples and like he is CUTEEE i dont know why and the girlfriend is kinda rude to him and just feel bad for him
J D (15 days ago)
Lmao this is the 2nd video I've seen where the girl has no problem calling her boyfriend out in front of everyone for the 2 pump dump. Yall getting to comfortable lol, if we tell ANYONE you so much as farted its a fight and tears and we gotta buy you flowers and apologize for a full month. But that time we couldnt keep the kids in because you got that fire? Yeah no problem, spread the gospel.
Andres Rondon (16 days ago)
My ex’s mom actually loved me. I’m sad now
Eccentric Euryale (16 days ago)
His voice and his face. Damn
Lokus Child (16 days ago)
Kinda rude for the girlfriend to expose him like that many men are conscious about that
Kumli Pongen (16 days ago)
That is one good looking boyfriend.
Pillow (16 days ago)
Her mom just rlly want someone to actually be with her not like her dad
xX Novyana Xx (16 days ago)
Myra does not deserve Josh AT ALL.
Choi Yu Ra (16 days ago)
WOW josh is very atractive i love his eyes
Dunja Mićunović (17 days ago)
Jesus, I think I'm gonna marry an Asian guy for sure...
My DaycareLife (17 days ago)
Josh run!!!!!
COORSBOY 19 (17 days ago)
Anyone else realize how close their knees are touching the whole time
Gabriel Valverde (17 days ago)
I swear I feel a lot of hostile energy from the mom and the daughter
Omaco24 (17 days ago)
Seeing how close their legs are under the table makes me really uncomfortable. This whole thing was kind of uncomfortable.
Anselm Haderer (17 days ago)
I didn't see that he was Asian
super lit (13 days ago)
typical asian handsome
Bri xD (17 days ago)
Can I have a Josh too😭😭😭
Alex's Gaming (18 days ago)
"After 2 seconds'' She goes full savage damn! This family is fucked up run Josh RUUUUN!!
jsg040 (19 days ago)
Josh was really cold haha but also really loveable
akita sound (19 days ago)
watching this was uncomfortable...all the best to both of em though
cassie lucia (19 days ago)
josh sweetie im so sorry
Wendy Alien (19 days ago)
"if there was an instance where she got pregnant" THIS IS WHY I FUCKING HATE THIS GENERATION always "by accident" never "intentioinal"
Garnet Paris (19 days ago)
I'm sorry but homeboy cute. (Imagine his "sleepy" voice.)
Mandy 777 (19 days ago)
Daughter- *Calls Mom a hoe* *gets home* Mom- *Gets belt* “Turn around.”
meangirls (20 days ago)
Diarmuid_cosplay (20 days ago)
yo Josh can hit me up anytime tf
Thoseasianboys (20 days ago)
Yo Josh let me know when you're single
Maura Arias (20 days ago)
I thought mayra was hilarious
M3LL M3LL (20 days ago)
She just called her mom a hoe
Juliana Skelly (20 days ago)
I love him aww
Clara Mariano (20 days ago)
Its so weird his voice doesn't matches face
Taylor (20 days ago)
What are your intentions with my daughter? I just wanna love her. My heart❤️❤️❤️❤️
RatchYT (21 days ago)
The girlfriend is such a fucking asshole jesus christ!
Nuit Nuit (21 days ago)
My Latina mom would have thrown her chancla at my face if I spoke to her like that... I'm shook!
Lumos Noctem (21 days ago)
Damn all of these people hating on a family based on a 5 min video disgust me. Saying that the guy should leave his girlfriend bc of the short comments she did on a video is truly cold hearted. Truly horrible
sweet cheeks (21 days ago)
I love 2:21... dump this guy actually, dogs and cats??? Very immature
sweet cheeks (21 days ago)
Why are they sitting so fucking close, his knees are between hers
Christina (21 days ago)
The closeness of their legs due to the smallness of the table is making me uncomfortable. 😂😂
June Woods (21 days ago)
she not pretty anyways
Sara Blowi (21 days ago)
What! How could she talk or even have a physical fight with her mom!
crystina adon (21 days ago)
I really don’t like the daughter she’s a asshole
Banana Bread (22 days ago)
0:15 she almost said daughter lol
Tami W. (22 days ago)
Josh please just... run
SelphieFairy (22 days ago)
Why is the BF so horribly out of focus? Someone get fired? haha
Internet Persona (22 days ago)
Tbh this seems fake

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