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In-Laws Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Text Comments (3836)
Ryan Beseke (17 hours ago)
“When you guys collide together and kill me and collect the insurance money then you can buy all that shit.”
Delaney (18 hours ago)
0:58 okay boss man, sit down, because thats a lie. :)
9t9redballoons (1 day ago)
"Were you a virgin when you met my daughter?" "NO." Such a forceful response hahaha
no name (1 day ago)
She needs a cleaning lady... Wtf?
Lynn Pitt (1 day ago)
The mother in law, Gawd I'm getting laid more than you hahahaha
Adriana Quinonez (1 day ago)
Any idea on when this game will be in stock? I NEED this.
Emy mit Xx (2 days ago)
“So your having sex with her but” 😂😂😂
infinite hawkins (2 days ago)
“Have you ever had sex in my house?”😂
Mads and Lucy (2 days ago)
This is so brutal!
Eleana Peralta (3 days ago)
this is a dangerous game you're playing cut lol
swazer72 (4 days ago)
“so your having sex with my daughters butt?” No hes having sex with her elbow..ffs
Supacool 275 (4 days ago)
The larger dude fucking cracked me up “when u kill me and get the insurance money you can get all that shit” xD
ABeautyConnection (5 days ago)
I wanna do this with my boyfriends mom lmfao
Bridge Rockway (5 days ago)
Ahh that’s trashy that the girl in the grey cheated with her husband
Sam - (5 days ago)
Love it when they clearly hate each other 😂😂
Matt Fedor (5 days ago)
That guy in the glasses needs his own YouTube channel, fucking hilarious 😂😂
Goose Man (5 days ago)
3:50 aaaaaaand that's a divorce in the making
Ad W (5 days ago)
Noooooooo che said shes getting laid more than him i cant💀💀💀
Sbaydrman (5 days ago)
This girl is so fucking pale 5:55 or its her makeup making her pale
Jake Jake (6 days ago)
Why her face a4
Bandito Burrito (6 days ago)
"Why'd you look away?" "That was after like.. 3 no's"
Creazy ☆ CS:GO ☆ (6 days ago)
6:42 when your mom asks you if you have done your homework
Anneliese Maybach (6 days ago)
The guy in the black shirts mother in-law was kinda rude
Rina Lawyer (6 days ago)
nice video
BIANCA NEDENE (6 days ago)
Wish my family was this open n cool
Jon Espi (6 days ago)
Gilf*....is getting laid more than mr.donkey dick
ImNumB (7 days ago)
That high pitch uh-hmm tho 2:49
Traniece Broussard (7 days ago)
I love to do this with my in-laws, funny asf lmaoooooooo
Brian Siemers (7 days ago)
For fucking ever!
Rhema Williams (7 days ago)
That poor man!!! Ugh, his mother-in-law did not like him.
Abi Alston (9 days ago)
The blonde daughter/mother-in-law duo is comedic gOLD
Jas Huerta (9 days ago)
I wanna do this with my in-laws now too😂
Artillery Squad (9 days ago)
What is wrong with the lady in the gray sweater, CHILL
S Spencer (9 days ago)
This whole video is a ducking laugh inducer
S Spencer (9 days ago)
Omfg "so your having sex with my daughters butt?
Derek Turnock (9 days ago)
To the girl that said she slept with her man when he was dating someone else and she was in their bedroom. IF HE WILL CHEAT FOR YOU, HE WILL CHEAT ON YOU
Tyce Bruursema (9 days ago)
I hate America
Melanie 2 (9 days ago)
The fat guy and his mother in law are gonna have an affair :/
Go Coady (9 days ago)
That girls makeup is just...wow
Masc Wintle (10 days ago)
Haha 4:12
Doctor snpier44 (10 days ago)
Im high as shit an watching these drunk niggas is funny asf😂
Francesco Monti (10 days ago)
Thats dude slept with NINE. NINE PEOPLE.
Jagen Phillips (10 days ago)
My future mother in law is so open we talk like this normally
Maddisson Malott (10 days ago)
O you fucker 😂
Kamesha G (10 days ago)
I'm sorry but what that girl sex about having sex on the couch while his current girlfriend was in the living room made me drop my mouth so far to the floor. The disrespect I can't even believe it. 😩
Alexis Kraus (10 days ago)
Some of these in-laws seem overly aggressive.
That fat man is such a jerk
BoaSky (11 days ago)
0:08 💀
AngelicNmore Morang (11 days ago)
Make more videos please omg I love these!! Binge watching
Zack Bender (11 days ago)
0.50 the right answer is 3 or less. Even of it's more than 3
J P (11 days ago)
I don’t think I would ever play this with my in-laws
Glossi Moon (11 days ago)
Where should they have sex when not in their house ????? Lol
Andrea From Youtube (11 days ago)
“So you’re having sex with my daughters butt?”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Theresa Ward (11 days ago)
@4:35, his reaction to look away is my favorite
Heather Norton (11 days ago)
" Once a week. " *slowly brings hand up to face* " I get laid more than you.. "
tasha bandack (11 days ago)
This is brutallllll
Nicole G (11 days ago)
the blonde women are so sweet to each other
Reggaeman YO (11 days ago)
Jesus, that mother in law and the guy in glasses...she is so hard and honest against him, I don't think she likes him at all
Shiro Saieko (11 days ago)
soundcloud rapper (12 days ago)
Why is it called son inlaw in USA? That's some Alabama shit.
mariam ghattas (12 days ago)
the woman with grey curly hair and her daughter in law are the cutest
quaked (12 days ago)
2nd hand embarrassment
Luis Maciel (12 days ago)
There's some wierd sexual tension between the woman and her father in law
jørdyn grøve (12 days ago)
they should do this w celebs
jørdyn grøve (12 days ago)
SimplySaffie (12 days ago)
😂😂 All of these bottled up emotions and grudges, are coming out like diarrhoea😂💀💀😅
DXMXN HXLL (12 days ago)
Chic in the hoodie looks like reflective tape with all that makeup
Mahmoud A (12 days ago)
Somebody has to say it, the in law of that guy with glasses had massive boobs
Nina Plevnik (13 days ago)
why is nobody talking about the white face girl???
JG124 (13 days ago)
Holy shit....
Lex F (13 days ago)
how are you going to sleep with someone when their current girlfriend is in the next room....
Bay area (13 days ago)
god this is real? these chicks have no respect for their men's mamas
Severin Kolb (13 days ago)
This Game dont works with Yes No Questions
Kayle Nellis (13 days ago)
girl in the maroon hoodie looks like Jenna from Awkward
Rachael Leanne (13 days ago)
I can't imagine having these conversations with my mother in law... we have a hate-hate relationship 😅
Brooklyn Kellen (13 days ago)
“have you had sex in my house” *oh you fucker*
LoveIsTheWeapon143 (14 days ago)
Oh my god why do all these in laws lowkey hate the person their kid is married to
Edwin Ortega (14 days ago)
Oh god this got me as soon as it started
Om Um (14 days ago)
dear lord this is awkward! and also is the girl with the red jacket wearing a mask?? i mean jeese she looks like a fucking ghost
45top 45 (15 days ago)
*Oh, you fucker.*
Ochre Clay (15 days ago)
“Oh you fucker” 😂
SnOwNoNo (15 days ago)
"He seems to be doing a lot of chores" Hmmmmm.. She's not a cleaning person you hired so...
Jake Black (15 days ago)
There's a reason why they didn't do father in law and son in law.
diamon rosa (15 days ago)
the man with glasses on and the mother in law she is so disrespectful I would honestly want nothing to do with her
hack all (15 days ago)
6:41 Well i can see lie.
ZakR (15 days ago)
LEDY BOY (16 days ago)
is it me or this women looks like grinch time 6:53
Endless Torment (16 days ago)
Glasses dude:My dick's so big,that when i'm fucking your daughter,it goes trough her,and the neighbour gets some too..ya bitch.
Joanna Pashley (16 days ago)
I wanna see what their partners look like
Zorobosskiller Ali (16 days ago)
The girl everyday dam girl calm down
Offminds (16 days ago)
Dude w glasses is like Seth Rogen
vliegendehollander (12 days ago)
Am I the only one who watches these and is totally fascinated by how different these family dynamics are from my own?
Supacool 275 (4 days ago)
vliegendehollander same
Preach (16 days ago)
This one seems fake.
Internet Persona (16 days ago)
Some of these Parents are brutal! I mean 4:20, geez!! Chill out Mom in Law!
V1 Gibby (16 days ago)
Big guy in black shirt is hilarious
Choi Yu Ra (16 days ago)
The larger guy and woman seem to not have a good friendship and dont like eachother sounds like a disaster waiting to happen
TunableJoker16 (16 days ago)
“The first time we had sex was on his living room couch” .... “well we are just gonna do this” *pours drink*
snow benjamin (16 days ago)
1:10 Uhhhh so you were the other woman???? Hope she's ready for him to cheat on her....
I can feel the tension between the big guy with glasses and the the lady with the glasses on her head
իԿƥεƅεɑʂʈ (16 days ago)
3:03 😂😂😂

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