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Which Is The Best Dating App? HONEST review!

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We been on a lot of apps in our time so we decided to rate them and give our (possibly a little weird) honest review of them! Which do YOU think is the best dating app? Subscribe to our channel for more weird and funny comedy! New videos EVERY OTHER FRIDAY! http://www.youtube.com/chloeandbeckyzak http://www.twitter.com/chloezak http://www.facebook.com/chloeandbeckyzak http://www.instagram.com/becky_s_zak http://www.instagram.com/chloezak
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kris g (5 days ago)
Neither.All dating apps are full of narcissistic losers.
666 mgtowkayaker (6 days ago)
Dating apps are garbage so is marriage & cohabitation...mgtow is the best lifestyle choice for men..
Fahmina Zaman (9 days ago)
I don't get being obsessed with height...i am a shorter woman and i've dated a guy about my height and i've dated guys who are taller. Maybe that isn't a deciding factor for me/i don't really care about it hah.
Robert Tena (10 days ago)
Cry a river and build a Bridge! All I hear is complaining from two ladies! Oh I'm sorry you want to tall dark and handsome well go to the zoo! Because guess what the world's not so perfect and yes ladies I'm single but I'm looking for somebody that's worth my time worth my respect
dassah clayton (14 days ago)
There's like nobody on hinge or any app except tinder in my town😂 I'm doomed
Alexandra Calzada (16 days ago)
These women are tall so i understand not waiting to tower over someone.
Inga Inu (16 days ago)
My opinion on these apps is not good. OkCupid is becoming like Tinder. It used to be a lot better but all I get is messages from fuckboys. Bumble and Hinge are the same to me. They have nothing but pretty boys on there that never want to message you back. Most of them seem like bots or you have to be super skinny and beautiful like a model for them to talk too you. Which I’m not. I’ve no luck on bumble or hinge. I’ve had better luck on whisper which is not even a dating app then any of these actual dating apps.
Jeffrey Bone (17 days ago)
I want to fuck the shit out of you young girls! I want to grab you, to take you away, to Kidnap you!! I want to possess you! Both of you!! Well, iam 62 years old and still a virgin, desperate, clingy, ugly with this putrid drool coming out of my mouth of rotting and missing teeth!
Mark Pags (19 days ago)
I've had pretty good success on Hinge
shikha s (19 days ago)
hey is this app works in India.?
Ray Mason (20 days ago)
I've been on bumble 2 years and not 1 match
charles walker (20 days ago)
Here in the states (atleast where im at) Bumble is at rock bottom with subs... POF is at the top
MAXIMUS (23 days ago)
You both might be tall but damn you could use a diet, IJS.
MAXIMUS (23 days ago)
If you don't like Bumble because you don't like the fact that you have to initiate first contact, then you should just get off all dating apps period because YOU are not marketable. It's a wonder why you are single...smh.
Araylah Crowder (24 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with wanting a guy to be taller than you. I’m 5’7, so hell yeah I wanna date a guy taller than me. Not no 5’4, dude. I’m sorry but if you guys think its wrong to want a guy or person to be taller than you then that sounds like a personal problem. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Azeragi Turk (7 days ago)
Lol If there is nothing wrong with wanting a guy based his height, then its okay for guy to choose a girl based on her weight and girls shouldn't be offended by that.
Araylah Crowder (7 days ago)
the great khorasan This has nothing to do with what I said.
the great khorasan (7 days ago)
+Araylah Crowder i mean there is nothing wrong with not wanting a girl if she is overweight. You can control you weight by exercising, but you can't control your height and won't grow taller after a certain height. Hope you understand me.
Araylah Crowder (7 days ago)
the great khorasan Being fit and a height are not the same but ok. 😂 Weight and Height are separate categories.
the great khorasan (7 days ago)
I agree, but there is nothing wrong with wanting a fit girl either. Sorry for bad English
Plan C (25 days ago)
Floozies and losers hoping to find love on hook up sites
Jay Dee (26 days ago)
just blow me girl on the left and right simutaneously
Fernando SV (27 days ago)
i'm going to make the best but most annoying dating app in the world: your profile has videos, but always autotuned... and you have to put your height but you can't use numbers or units, only references and objects, same with weight and age... and you have multiple categories you can browse for too specific things
Da YingYanger (27 days ago)
When you have money, all the dating apps are the best. Money equals ambitious, driven and excelling. Everything a modern women looks for. Love in exchange for economical game. There is a word for that. Oh and I love the ones that try to convince you that they dont need any man to support them. What they dont tell you is that although they dont need them, they secretly want them. Bottom line...if you want a decent woman that's worth it, you have to leave the country.
Marry Johnson (28 days ago)
Doods, if you are a 6'6 girl, HOW can you date a 5' man?
mickey- mous95 (28 days ago)
Wtf are they even talking about, I lost them halfway through the video.
Fane (30 days ago)
These two deserve to be single forever, guys, please, for your own sake, stay away !!!
Will Mclaughlin (1 month ago)
1:48 no one told u to put make up on ??? It just helps to get more dates
STARLING Watch (1 month ago)
Good discussion, fun video, and my thanks! BTW, I'm 6'2" (187cm), male, and height makes a difference.
Spiritual Warrior (1 month ago)
Tony Jah (8 days ago)
Spiritual Warrior (1 month ago)
Danny Williams (1 month ago)
You two are why young men are going MGTOW. Practice the art of "shutting the fuck up" with the fake accents. LOL
Fun2 Drive (1 month ago)
News flash. Bumble was created by a woman you might want to go bitch to her. And are you kidding me you are bitching about height? How shallow is that? Oh yeah you are talking about Bumble....You want to see more men pay for it. Most men that say they are on a yacht are posers are you that unable to see that? Not familiar with Hinge will check it out. Meeting someone in person doesn't work in low populations. That leaves online dating as the only practical solution unless you enjoy a life of playing with your cats....
Amy Galvin (1 month ago)
Bumble is ok in certain areas. In some areas its very “slim.” Pickings. Average men’s height is 5’8” for some reason?? 🤔
Rim ka (1 month ago)
Ur voice is omg 😫
Hernandez3181 (1 month ago)
You want height?? Women need to add their weight. I’m 6’4 but I’m just saying. 😜
Hernandez3181 (1 month ago)
I hate British accents. Kinda like nails on a chalk board. But I enjoyed this video. They made me laugh. Keep it up. Still hate British accents.
King Cire (1 month ago)
Shallow and uneducated. what a fucking surprise
Jack (1 month ago)
Another Male here/I am 5.7 height, 30 years old, scientist, I live in Manhattan (alone). I’m handsome (100%). I would never get one of these girls as my fiancée. They haven’t grown up enough even if your height is 20 feet(s). I’m not perfect, but I need a smart woman that match my brain level , not a pussy with half brain. 🤪😘 Oh, I’m rich as well. Another Male opinion. Thanks!
marcus peters (1 month ago)
stay away from "doUlike" dating site. they are fake people , thieves and are not a real site.
Randal Lyon (1 month ago)
helpful. I hate those stupid dating apps, with loads of hot women, who are actually fake accounts and chat bots. I am not interested in dating a computer program. WTF. Yes my sister told me about bumble just this past week. Apparently I have been living under a rock. I have used plenty of fish, which is ok, but again, many fake accounts. Thanks for the info, you girls are great. keep up the good work.
Chioma Uwagwu (1 month ago)
People are really obsessing height in the comments. Damn put obsessive in your dating profiles. Height matters to some (can’t relate) and not to others
Moon (1 month ago)
I think I've seen that girl on the left from BuzzFeed videos or somewhere on YouTube. I can't believe that gorgeous lady uses dating apps; I'm sure she gets approached quite a bit in everyday interactions. Isn't dating apps for desperate people who can't get dates IRL?
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Master Roach (2 months ago)
This helped a lot thank you
Paul Sawdon (2 months ago)
fast forward to 2.00 when they start talking about the topic! :)
Davis Landscaping (2 months ago)
oh no....the girl has to say something first....OH NOOOOOOO LOL, as a guy the girls will either think your too needy b/c you actually message them back within 30 min to an hour or to "available" if you actually seem interested they become disinterested and most women have no idea how to be fun with texting anyway. But then as a guy you have to be this bubble of joy/ray of sunshine into their day!
Shiatbiatch (2 months ago)
Why would these 2 hot chicks need a dating app?!?
Graeme Lodge (2 months ago)
o n babbo hangout
MoLassessss (2 months ago)
Just date me girl on the left.
Patchwork Gardens (2 months ago)
+Old man weed. I guess you noticed that i was noticing you posting this a week ago. Sure, but did you notice it taking that broad on the left a long while to instant message this guy back. Musta got sucked into a vortex
Axel Shark (2 months ago)
Guys, get serious now! Ask someone outside. You're wasting your time with these apps! Why? Women don't hang out there. Because they know they have it easy. They're waiting to be asked outside. There are mostly men and fake profiles of models on the net. You've got more chances of success finding a virgin in a brothel! Good luck.
Midnight Legends (3 months ago)
Bumble the biggest app of ladies who have a cat in almost every single pic taken, and then say they are looking for a soulmate lol I mean looks like your just fine alone with your cat...
Raw and Uncensored (3 months ago)
"I don't want a time crunch to get my men in! " As slutty as that sounds... You actually have to live with a time crunch. Once you hit your mid 30s, time is pretty much up... 🤗
Undenied Punisher (3 months ago)
"We do enough" lol
eddebrock (3 months ago)
That obsession with height should sound some alarms. You wouldn't want to match with them.
Kevin Cosgrove (3 months ago)
As soon as a girl says i need to know your height? Unmatch her. Cause if you ask her weight she’ll call you an ashole for asking that. Weight= controllable/should be judged Height=uncontrollable/shouldnt be judged
thie hunter (3 months ago)
White girls is always concerned with height
Hero Hero (3 months ago)
Sexy womens
Venoms House (3 months ago)
1:47 You say you HAVE to put your makeup on and do your hair. Incorrect. You choose to do that to compete with other girls. Looks aint everything. Ide prefer someone that didnt bother with makeup nd all that fake shit. any person you meet wearing makeup, in my opinion has catfished you xD They look totally different when that makeup comes off. Just be yourself lol. Anyway nice vid :D
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (4 months ago)
Lol I fucked the girl in the cat shirt when I was in LA, met her on tinder lol what are the odds
Camden Russo (4 months ago)
Hi Chloe and Becky! Loved this vid, you guys are hysterical :) You're absolutely right about Bumble vs. other sites...there are some real creeps out there on the other ones, and Bumble does seem to have a better class of people! I actually just wrote an article on my blog about how to targeting the right people on dating apps. Maybe it will be of help. Not spamming, I promise :) wordarsenal.com/2018/10/11/4-ways-to-improve-your-online-dating-experience-with-basic-marketing-principles
UR A Meathead (4 months ago)
Which app will reveal a woman's weight?
mag leboucher (4 months ago)
If you're not at least 6'0tall,athletic, muscular, good looking,have an exotic car, make 6 figures a year. Get off the dating apps your just gonna get frustrated! You're an invisible man.
Treestump (2 months ago)
I prefer short people.. Just sayin' people who like short guys exist.
Vanessa (4 months ago)
Try this dating app for serious relationship www.SDapp.global
Comradery (4 months ago)
Women need a guy whos tall, hygienic, never has dirty thoughts, cooks for her, pays for everything she wants to buy, financially secure, aesthetic, social + 40 other traits. Guys "i like big butts" = Women "Why cant you accept women for who they are, you are so superficial and a perv uhhh your so disgusting, MEN"
Rachel T (4 months ago)
I'm a lady who is 5'9 (taller than them) and I've never stressed over height on a profile..
Trueof Life (2 months ago)
I am 5;8
Cold (4 months ago)
Do you have kik messager?
brad Cherry (4 months ago)
Dating sites suck
squidpotion (4 months ago)
If regard for women was measured in Cadillacs, my regard for women would be a pair of rollerskates, and that's why I'm on Tinder.
kris g (4 months ago)
squidpotion my regard for men is microscopic,I hear ya Bahaha
Luna Celestine (4 months ago)
HER is the best <3
Trueof Life (2 months ago)
Hi dear
Bennyclay661 (4 months ago)
why isn't grapevine social networking on this list!
Ben Douse (4 months ago)
Someone's obsessed with height. Lol
kris g (4 months ago)
Ben Douse so? You want anorexic Barbie dolls, your point is?
Thoth Ahura Mazda (4 months ago)
80/20 rule mgtow
the great khorasan (7 days ago)
Fk both Mgtow and Feminism. We need to get rid of both
Patchwork Gardens (2 months ago)
+Deano agreed, you can recognize the memories registering on these women's faces as they go through the the general history of dating apps and their observations based on experiences. Women have no respect for themselves anymore, it's nearly impossible to meet a lady these days, they're all covered with tattoos and expect us to court them with whatever value they think they possess. what's worse is there is still 80% of men out there throwing themselves at being a vessel for her propulsion
Deano (4 months ago)
its worse than that now. and only getting worse regardless of how many little MGTOW channels and such are floating around. it simply can't win the arm wrestle against hypergamy and modern society.
Idk 123 (4 months ago)
Now i kinda wanna get a dating app . I have never gotten one it looks fun but i know im not at the age to go out and start dating so ima wait but id of i can trust these
Paranormal Blanket (4 months ago)
This was 100% not helpful
I recommend "Men finder" and "Women finder". Awesome dating apps with free chat incorporated. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rubisoft.womenradar https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rubisoft.mencuddles
TheLoneWolf (4 months ago)
Fuck bumble. Pos site scam sending spam texts ugh.
rurt kuzzel (4 months ago)
anybody else think when she said include height, she really meant penis size???
Danny Sil (4 months ago)
Dating Apps are cancer.
Wesley Simpson (4 months ago)
Good example of why dating apps are useless for men.
Anton TheManton (4 months ago)
These ladies suffer from the 6 foot tall THOT standard....
mag leboucher (4 months ago)
Them and 80% of womens.
Deano (4 months ago)
and yep if it was 1998 instead of 2018 they would have been happily dating average joe because it was the norm still and no one at least women thought any different. before come the hypergamy age in full swing we have now.
Anton TheManton (4 months ago)
1:33 "We already do enough". REALLY? So laying on your back with your legs spread is sooooooo much?
Humble Wonder (4 months ago)
I know man. I couldnt believe she said that shit
Deano (4 months ago)
Anton TheManton (4 months ago)
That line really had me laughing though.... Yes they do so much... like pay for the dinner? NO! Like fix my car when it breaks down? NO! Like fix my roof when it leaks? NO! Cut my grass, shovel snow on my sidewalk, rake my leaves? NO! Install my new kitchen cabinets? NO! Men do 90% of the heavy lifting in life but when we ask for a little cooking and cleaning we are sexiest pigs???!? GTFO here! Men do all the work! They do almost all the work to get laid, then once in a relationship they do all the work to continue getting laid. Think I am lying? Try this test out: Ask a random girl at your job about what their boyfriends do for them that is romantic. They will say he gives me flowers, brings me lunch at work, call me at work to see how I am doing, took me to a petting zoo (petting zoo's get you laid btw), he takes me dancing even thou he hates dancing, he does this, and that and this...... Then ask "So what do you do that is romantic for him?" Usually the response I get after 30 seconds of silence...... "um..... I give him sex".
b bardy (4 months ago)
I think the reasons both single. You mentioned about height and have to be good looking and on you're level. So what is youre level. I think maybe, both have less lists and give some guys a chance before you dismiss them. I think everyone is to quick to judge their date and dimiss them over really stupid things. Then you hear them complain cant find anyone.
InChrist (5 months ago)
Women should include their waist size, their weight, how much debt they have, how many sexual partners they've had, pictures wearing no makeup, pictures with no snapchat filters, no funny angled pictures and why they think they're single ... And none of this, "I just haven't met the one yet stuff." The answer will speak volumes if they're honest and also if they're just making something up.
Naomi g (1 month ago)
You seem short? Just because women want a taller man, doesn't mean much, it's literally how we're wired.
Lary does stuff (1 month ago)
Is "I always get friendzoned" a proper reason for being single? Because it is true
InChrist (4 months ago)
+kris g you probably grew up without a father. If you did grow up with a father he didn't take you on enough dates. You weren't subconsciously tuned to know how you should be treated as a woman. Because if you did, you would see jerks a mile away. Just like how you see multi-level marketing schemes.
kris g (4 months ago)
InChrist kind of like when men lie and say they are interested but only want sex? .Thats a much more hurtful lie, but I guess it’s ok to lie if you’re male? Lol
Yoshua Love (5 months ago)
Yall so hung height yall forget about everything else. Im 5`2 and im a wonderful man. Based off yall bullshit im glad i never met yall.
Tony (5 months ago)
You fucken bitches go fucken die. I hope you are single for the rest of your lives. Men keep away from these two cunts unless it's bang then scrap
쿠키런김세민 - (5 months ago)
You girls are so pretty and so funny omg
Gerardo Slow Burn (5 months ago)
I'll date both of you 😉👌
Deano (5 months ago)
and so will every other guy. welcome to their dating profile lol.
harrisdawg69 (5 months ago)
"Makes me feel insecure" uhhh bc you are
harrisdawg69 (2 months ago)
+Adam Carter I dont have to get used to anything I'm not the one who is insecure😂😂
Adam Carter (2 months ago)
all women are get used to it
yinka bakare (5 months ago)
Have a look at www.footprintscounsellingservice.com the is a download on the site that gives the best ten tips to find success with online dating, it gives tips on what sort of profile to write, what kind of picture to use, how to use skype to see if their pic is how they look now , and many other things.
Dizi Thompson (5 months ago)
I will like to date u. The one on the left ...
Lisa nelson (5 months ago)
Bumble is for higher caliber woman/Hoes looking for men to improve their lifestyle. Great way for free dinners and holiday partner to chip in before sex. Ladies go first so they can make their demands since they keep the men waiting. All in all its a good app for men willing to spend before they smash or men willing to show their cards on a date. This app is just an upgrade of tinder where the fcuk boys play men and the hoes play secure ladies. As for tinder its an app for no strings but silly people decide to label it a dating app hoping it could change to that or hoping to meet someone on the app looking for more than no stings. Go though the app and youll see tons of ladies saying no hook ups till they get hungry to lonely LMAO. then you see ton of men flashing a lifestyle that belongs in a dream, like honestly if that was really their lifestyle they wont be on tinder app ladies.
ZMan1471 (6 months ago)
You two are exceptionally sexist towards men...have fun with your vibrator and not a dick
Brian J Malmsteen (6 months ago)
They should disclose weight, too.
Mrz Benzadrine (3 months ago)
Most dating apps do.
kris g (4 months ago)
Brian J Malmsteen the men should to, men also lie about their weight, believe me!
saprissa9 (6 months ago)
Why the F can't I get a match you guys. God damn am I really that F ugly? Sorry for my attitude, I been on dating apps for 2 years and NOTHING!!!!!
Google User (6 months ago)
What I think is Y’all have annoying accents Your personalities are boring and dull You’re stuck up And you “ think “ you’re hot shit and have a right to be so picky when y’all are both average at best. 🍻
Pat Riarchy (6 months ago)
Tit size is a thing for me. Why don't chicks put down their tit size? It's so frustrating and exhausting doing the research on her to find her tit size. I'm 6 ft so tit size is important to me. It's just natural. Men don't date because females are prostitutes. Like one female said - If you won't open your wallet why would you expect a woman to open her legs? That's what females call "equality". Men call it Lies and Hypocrisy. However, that being said, females know they are perfect so they don't need to listen to men. It's men who are the problem. Thus men have ahieved the incredible once again. In 2020 Hubots and ectogenesis will be released to the market. These technologies will make females completely redundant to men. Men will have a choice. You or the technology. Any man will be able to create Paradise on Earth for himself with ZERO risk. What can a female offer a man other than a 75% chance she will ruin his life? The fact is that females are completely useless to men. Of what possible use is a female to a man? Females aren't fun and cool to be around like your mates. Females create drama and expense. Especially when you break up. Even casual sex is out of the question because that's rape. A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle. Females are strong and independent and don't need no man Females don't need male validation Whatever a man can do a female can do better The men available to females are not good enough. Why would a female settle for second best. You go girls. And don't stop. Just keep going.
Deano (4 months ago)
hahah I am an azz guy but most I talk to dont have an azz so they tell me but expect me ultimately to be tall and or have great abs in return... hhmmmm
Pat Riarchy (5 months ago)
So treating females EQUALLY makes a man a bitter MGTOW. Hhahahahaha. A Man Needs a Female Like a Fish Needs a Lobotomy. A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle. Females are strong and independent and don't need no man Females don't need male validation Whatever a man can do a female can do better The men available to females are not good enough. Why would a female settle for second best. You go girls. And don't stop. Just keep going. So why don't you tell us what a female can offer a man other than a 75% chance she will ruin his life? Of what use is a female to a man?
Alison Black Girl (5 months ago)
You started put like a bitter mgtow guy then a weird feminist
MLC (6 months ago)
Girls on bumble are hilarious! Girls always talk about how guys need to be creative and dont just say hey after a match on tinder or whatever. 100 percent of bumble messages go like this: Her: "Hey" Me: "Hi" Her: "How are you doing?" I dont reply
kris g (4 months ago)
O Bailon the men too.. pics from ten years ago when they were much hotter and thinner lol
Deano (4 months ago)
hahaha you serious... where I am you don't even get that much. a woman that says that much even is a rarity.. that's how bad they have become sadly.
Oliver Callaghan (4 months ago)
why don't you say something else back lol
Brian Tep (6 months ago)
lol@1:30, such a cool answer
aiden cross (7 months ago)
i wish i had a reason; my flaws are open season, for this i gave up trying, one good time deserves my dying. -Cory Taylor
Tollin Cran (7 months ago)
Tea and crumpets
I'm from Puerto Rico, I'm single atm so would you check me out If give you girls my instagram? Lol
Alex & Talia Jones (7 months ago)
Could you do a review on the dating app called Bopsee? It's like a new speed dating app.
Bennyclay661 (7 months ago)
what about Grapevine probs the best , straight up no bs
for all (7 months ago)
Chuck (8 months ago)
Wow, are they censoring people on this video. 40 replys, yet I count 20.very reliable

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