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TWOO: BEST FREE Online International Dating App

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TWOO is an app that I use to meet people from all over the world. I'll be honest: mainly women. But it's great if you want to have pen pals or if you're actually planning on visiting a certain country and want to have a friend or two there to show you around. TWOO has all the major features of any good dating app, like IM personal chatting, good search features and location searches as well! Please LIKE this video and Subscribe as I'm trying to grow this channel. Also, checkout all of my other VIDEOS too! Thanks for your support! Also, click here on How to CATCH a CHEATER with your PHONE! http://youtu.be/8_cYcNO8MOE
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Gaurav Gupta (5 months ago)
Any one know how to change date of birth unlimited times in twoo app
Ralu (8 months ago)
Is a shit like rest of dating apps
William Mark (11 months ago)
please how can i highly my messages on Twoo so that my contacts we see my messages
no name (1 year ago)
Mohit Saxena (1 year ago)
Eski thodi badi video banao sir es aap k bare m puri jankari do kese chalta h pement kese karna h chat kese karna kuch samj nahi aa raha ho sake to esko Hindi m video banao plz plz sir
Meho Puzic (1 year ago)
i dont advise it, lots of nerves and time you will waste literally 4 nothing. most of those chicks on those social apps are either "yielding" likes 4 self-masturbation, are whores and narcissists, retarded, dont reply,fake... shortly said its up to no good.... better wank it off you ll spare on money, energy and time ;)
Viktor Chmelnitzki (1 year ago)
The spammer and cheater. Read the wikipedia article before reacting to their E-mails!
Eric Muller (1 year ago)
twoo are thieves.. I subscribed and no replies bunch of robots saying heey ..thieves don't join.. they will be chatting you first until you subscribe
cntcom wisdom (1 year ago)
M AminE (1 year ago)
HOW TO USE TWOO FOR CHAT DOWNLOAD TO KNOW https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.steriovsky.meetnewpeapletwooguide&hl=en
Strong Passion (3 years ago)
In the Netherlands also
Blade Erwin (1 year ago)
Strong Passion
Mutiah Spd (2 years ago)
Don't miss out оn milliоns оf s*ху girls nеаr yоu => https://twitter.com/fa12049a62c8b918e/status/801992405775826944 TWОО BЕЕSТ FREЕ Оnline Intеrnаtional Dаting Арр
Matrey Zamnora (3 years ago)
*Twoo Credits Hack* https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WlIywB2ahum54rvydid09vLe3l1eUqW4VNPycftzJFc *Hacker Twoo - Twoo Unlimited gratis*
Bob Mak (4 years ago)
The worst  BS  ever...

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