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97% Of Men Dating Foreign Women IGNORE This Advice

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Men dating foreign women are often sold a fairy-tale scenario of the poor and desperate young woman actively seeking a many to solve all of their troubles through wealth and a free ticket to the Western world. More often than not, foreign women are perfectly happy in their own countries, excluding the fact that most live lives devoid of a functional love life. Faced with a female dominated population, women in countries like Ukraine, China, the Philippines and Colombia view international dating as a means to meet the quality men that are typically unavailable in their own country. 97% of men that are active on international dating websites and through local matchmakers abroad ignore these facts regarding what brings ladies from these countries into the world of singles tours and speed dating events that happen several times each month in many Asian, Latin American and Eastern European countries. Many men have taken the red pill so to speak regarding what the global dating community refers to as a romance tour, understanding their favorable prospects in meeting women with traditional values that are also seeking a marriage minded man. During a romance tour, men have the ability to meet hundreds of women in 7 day increments, typically during speed dating events, paired with a personal wing woman, meeting qualified single foreign ladies also interested in starting a serious relationship.
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Ace Hardy (4 days ago)
Loveme.com (3 days ago)
Thanks for watching, Ace!
Otzaritzoo (9 days ago)
Ukrinian ladies are more independent. They will prefer to stay alone, on living with a man in the age of their father.
Loveme.com (7 days ago)
This is a very good point, thank you for sharing this Otzaritzoo!
Spiritual Warrior (10 days ago)
It's ridiculous though some of this old guys look like grandpa's they should have some respect n talk to woman within there age range. N get some common sense thts disgusting lol 🤮🤢🤮
Loveme.com (7 days ago)
Some older men are able to date younger, some are not. Much of this depends on their lifestyle and the preference of the woman as you can imagine. Remember, most Ukrainian women look much younger than their actual age.
Spiritual Warrior (10 days ago)
Bud u r awesome! U tell it how it is
Loveme.com (7 days ago)
Thanks for the kind words, SW
Eslam Sabra (12 days ago)
Nice good
Loveme.com (12 days ago)
Thanks for watching, Eslam!
Adam Parkar (13 days ago)
nice bud.
Loveme.com (13 days ago)
We appreciate the kind words, Adam
OX MONSTER (13 days ago)
Just never bring them back to the USA or they will ass rape you in divorce court
Spiritual Warrior (10 days ago)
Lmao 🤣🤣 🤣😂 🤣😂 🤣😂 🤣 u r ignorant obviously Ukrainian woman r beautiful n smart to bad u r ignorant n dumb lol
Loveme.com (13 days ago)
Not true in all cases, Ox - a woman with these sort of intentions will typically exhibit several red flags prior to ever even discussing the K1 Visa. We're dedicated to getting men in the right direction regarding international dating and marriage, the hours of content we have here will definitely prep a man appropriately before any of those flags start waving. We appreciate you taking a look at the video and leaving your thoughts, have a great day Ox!
Chris White (13 days ago)
"Now That's Motivational..!!" 👍
Loveme.com (13 days ago)
Appreciate the kind words, Chris

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