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Looking for love online? See which dating site is best for you

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John Matarese reports so you don't waste your money.
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HM The Tsar of Russia (7 days ago)
Yeah... ummm... Tinder SUCKS! Serously, guys... I've gotten all of 3 matches. One of which was certainly a scam, the other never panned out (she didn't respond), and the third one the girl kinda weirded me out. Most of the people I "like" or "super like" clearly don't "like" or "super like" me back, meaning without matches, I'm not really interacting with people. It feels hopeless. I think it's all a waste of time anymore, free sites/apps and paid sites/apps alike. I only wish I knew what the alternative was... you know, other than going to the bar. I hate going to the bar! It didn't work for me when I was younger, and it doesn't work for me now! I'm not super outgoing, and seeing as girls expect guys to make the first move, I'm effectively screwed My personality isn't the right type to be super outgoing. It puts me at a negative disadvantage! I'm in my 30's! I want to find someone and settle down! I feel like there's no hope!
123 456 (1 month ago)
She hit the nail on the head ... you cant buy chemistry ... love is FREE and it happens on it's own time .... I think the best place to start is where you enjoy either your work or hobbies so you have something in common.
HM The Tsar of Russia (7 days ago)
While I agree with meeting people through your hobbies, I would not advise dating/marrying coworkers. Unlike Jim and Pam on "The Office", most workplace relationships I've seen, have ended poorly. Plus, lots of places have policies against such relationships with coworkers. It creates nightmares in office politics when a once happy couple break up!
DRS_ au (2 months ago)
Get scammed by the dating site and then *IF* you are lucky enough to get hooked up you will get scammed by *her* No tx. I still prefer a clean bar room.
anne nielsen (15 days ago)
+Robert LaPointe don't like bars lol too many fights ..or pub or clubs
Robert LaPointe (15 days ago)
Yes less herds of competition ,i would drink to that lol
anne nielsen (1 month ago)
Don't trust any one not even women or men I've been scam by men and women ..I'm not after any think ..good luck
John (2 months ago)
I have lost some respect for women after online dating for two months.
Hai Paw (2 months ago)
John getting catfish is the worst. Never happen to me tho. I am going out with someone I meet online now. I tell him I like him a lot, he told he don’t feel the same way but he didn’t broke up with me. I don’t get it. For me a guy have to end it first. I could not do it. Add me on Facebook and let’s talk about how we view this thing. Hai Blut my Facebook account
John (2 months ago)
+Hai Paw I know that feeling of being used. Also, my profile states that I prefer athletic or slim women. I went out on a date with a lady with just a head shot on her profile. When I got there she was a like medium-sized whale.
Hai Paw (2 months ago)
John sorry to hear about that. Same here. Men in dating app seems to be sweet at first but than after you give it in they will be like bye. Because of that I feel use, I lost trust and feel like dating app is useless.
John (2 months ago)
Hai Paw My issue is that I was raised by two older traditional sisters and a mom. I have tons of respect for them. Online dating has exposed me to some unscrupulous, lying and low moral women.
Hai Paw (2 months ago)
John how come? I am sure they feel the same way about men
irresistibleguy72 (3 months ago)
16 percent of adults have used a dating online site? Like hell ! You can jack that number up by over 50 percent !
Robert LaPointe (15 days ago)
You are correct too,too many dudes and not enough women.I heard of some women that get herds of messages from other guys so if you did not get a reply back,well that is why? To me it's too much competition
FemalePointofView (3 months ago)
Zoosk is unethical and send out pre-written auto messages from you to subscribers and from subscriber to you. They tell you that people are interested in you, when that is really not the case.
Frikkie Oosthuizen (12 days ago)
Same then all dating sites
Robert LaPointe (15 days ago)
Thats true ,I have been on zoosk about 4 years ago i did meet one but i did not have anything in common and i wasn't all that interested
Gem Writer (6 months ago)
Flirthouse.online is the best in my view. Too many dating sites are fake.
Robert LaPointe (15 days ago)
+Marshall Scarlett why are you leaving your private number in a public comment thread? You sound like a scammer because thats what scammers do on social media threads so in turn you are a fake too LOL
Robert LaPointe (15 days ago)
That is true too,who wants to pay their hard earned money to chat with bots? Not anyone who is normal would want to do something that absurd
Marshall Scarlett (5 months ago)
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3ayach Jowal (8 months ago)
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