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Ex High School Sweethearts | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Text Comments (2757)
Cut (2 months ago)
Sign up to get the game at http://bit.ly/TruthorDrinkGame
jakda alfklda (3 days ago)
These are paid actors and is all improvised...
Savannah Rutledge (19 hours ago)
I'd be loaded up on some shots
[DEADPOOLSHARK350 ] (1 day ago)
that bit at the end when she pulled her hand away hurt me
griff (1 day ago)
Nevermind (1 day ago)
I fucking knew Layne Staley was still alive!
Gyal Ben Dover (2 days ago)
The guy with the beard and glasses, I hope you find someone who’s right for you
Apple Bees (2 days ago)
Shaggy got a bad bitch
TimeToMakeStool (2 days ago)
Pretty sure the two in the beginning are cousins
Shooters Shoot (3 days ago)
Yo that rocker chick monobrow is crazy hahaha
brittney marie (3 days ago)
"what move was i hitting you with that made you nut"
ash cash (4 days ago)
See bigger the hoop bigger the hoe
Dylan Wilburn (4 days ago)
I think the blond girl is sorta into that dude, cause they got a baby all, but is willing to get back together with him. She says, "oh is that what you want to do??"" at the very end of the video. So I'm assuming she just doesn't want to make out on camera.
DutchClawz (7 days ago)
Damn that blonde guy was hurt when she said she slept with 15-20 people
PuMpz EpiicxZ (7 days ago)
What move was i hiiting u with when i made u nut 😂😂☠☠☠☠☠☠
Jer06ss (7 days ago)
Not to be a dick but the one girl has crazy ass eyebrows
Jack Christianson (7 days ago)
The guy with the red Bennie when he said his name it sounded like he was already drunk
Aniyah Hall (7 days ago)
i just wanna know who the blonde haired girl is with the ponytail, asking for a friend 😭
Aniyah Hall (7 days ago)
nvm i watch the whole video she got a kid
naaiiiz (8 days ago)
They all had sex with each other again
Vincey Napalm (8 days ago)
Bro that one chick look like she gotta unibrow, iknow yall know who im talm bout😂
Kurt Steinmuller (8 days ago)
With the exception of the blonde girl everyone has horrible posture
handsome chicken (8 days ago)
I feel like for the guy with the beard he felt hurt maybe because the relationship was more important to him than it was to the girl.
Ben C (8 days ago)
Stephanie G (9 days ago)
If I had to kiss my ex I’d vomit everywhere. Makes me nauseous thinking about it...
Melyssa Hernandez (9 days ago)
1:56 “when I made you nut”😂😂😂
Derek Turnock (9 days ago)
I’m dying. He said “when I told you I wasn’t masturbating when I was” and starts laughing and then he says how his sex game has not improved at all. We need more people like this. Brutally honest
Howie Feltersnatch (10 days ago)
You need to do a full episode on flannel kid and high ponytail
eatsleepplayrepeat (10 days ago)
This is really sad to watch.
IBRAHim fouad (10 days ago)
Idk y I'm watching this
eatsleepplayrepeat (10 days ago)
3:51 here is an example of loyalty and then some *THOT* .
dais y (10 days ago)
The amount of slut shaming in the comments is unrealll woooow
Soccer_Ki d (10 days ago)
Damn the black girl be looking like King Kendrick@2:54
Sandy P (10 days ago)
Blonde bitch is a .. bitch
karl may (10 days ago)
The Tatto of the dude withe the glasses is really cool
Izzy G (10 days ago)
That stoner looking dude with the beard makes me uWu so fuckign hard
Reginald Coats (10 days ago)
I can tell you right now the guy in the blue flannel shirt was only using 10% of his power
Reginald Coats (10 days ago)
The guy with the long hair just hides his pain by simply saying “NEXT QUESTIOOON!!”
Itz Chumphrey (11 days ago)
The guy with the asian chick sounds so hurt i wanna give him a hug i feel bad
3:15 Up until what ?
Courtney Warren (11 days ago)
Beard guy is so sweet and soft ajskdgajkasj
da prynce (11 days ago)
Bro that hoe said 15 dudes and 8 girls 🤣
Trelise' Avery-Moore (11 days ago)
I married my highschool sweetheart, 16 years later at 30years old and we still crushin life 🙌 we did some fucked up bonnie and clyde shit tho for real. Stole cars, robbed atms, started and quit our first jobs together, jumped a plane, joined the military together, got drunk for the first time together, got high for the first time together, choreographed stupid dances, broke into abandoned buildings to have sex, scaled fences to get into concerts together, played sports, partied hard, studied, hitchiked, lived in our first (and only car cause we still have the beast) car because we were homeless and broke lol far from who we are today. you name it. Love my bear. Carson you're the best!
kani_mar (11 days ago)
Miss monobrow
Angelina Gomez (11 days ago)
Bruhh this kinda warmed my heart 😳
Gaser (11 days ago)
Why all these questions about sex? Fuck
[SC] Quake (11 days ago)
And here I am my junior year playing fortnite at 11pm alone
CT Manlosa (11 days ago)
1:55 why am I blushing
Cesar Carlos (12 days ago)
I would of slapped the shit out of my ex if we where doing this😂🤭
Domski (12 days ago)
If I did this with my ex, I probably wouldn’t be able to walk.
Flights RAGE (12 days ago)
She’s such a handsome woman
TheKnightsTemplar18 (13 days ago)
The bearded guys ex looks like a caveman
america lomeli (13 days ago)
The bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe!!! GOES FOR THE COUPLE WITH THE BEARDED GUY😂
FatHamster67 (13 days ago)
I feel bad for the guy that got cheated on
Nay Nayy (13 days ago)
“What move was I hitting you with when I made you nut?” 😭🤣
Tito Docekal (14 days ago)
Nobody Talk about the eyebrows of the neandertaler lady
w47willrise ? (14 days ago)
I feel like I found my true love at Subway, but I didn't interact with her. True love finds it's way back around.
JustPickAlready (14 days ago)
0:11 they both said hello. THAT SHIT'S HILARIOUS.
xXMilkaXx1 (14 days ago)
Loved it but that unibrow is irritating me so much!
Natacha l (15 days ago)
Could work If I had any high school sweet heart
Hazel C (15 days ago)
That blonde asian girl and the guy with the beard’s relationship was so awkward and sad to watch...it just felt like the relationship was so one sided.
Mak Knouse (15 days ago)
That couple where the girl cheated on the guy, when she told him that she slept with someone else, he low key was really hurt😥😥😥
Brick Wall (15 days ago)
Matt D (15 days ago)
Who the fuck is cutting onions
Abby (15 days ago)
The people who made abortion seem like nothing! Fuck you!! I thank God you didnt get pregnant cause then at least you wouldn't have murdered a child
Yasmin Otter (15 days ago)
Before I read one more thing about “Blabla Millenials Blabla” dude Millenials are from 1980-1999.
A.J. Brookes (15 days ago)
Oh god heart-school sweethearts cries
zedisded (15 days ago)
Dylan Klebold out here makin moves
The Pioneer Podcast (15 days ago)
Put it up for adoption don’t have an abortion. Just cause you can’t close your legs and be responsible doesn’t mean you have the right to end a life. Someone can actually love and take care of that baby vs you just killing it smh.
Free Crawler (15 days ago)
“Are you hurt?” 💊😫
Pizza Raia (15 days ago)
Also bring back Krista and Cody (the blonde couple)...I’m intrigued 🤔🌝
Pizza Raia (15 days ago)
“ArE yOu HurT?” Nah mate, I’m doing back flips 😑fool😂
ryan jack (16 days ago)
She looks like she is still in high school (blonde one)
PastelTyrant (16 days ago)
6:25 ouch.
Kelly Martiinéz (16 days ago)
6:28 , that must've hurt
Feona Lee Jones (16 days ago)
These are great questions!!!!
J D (16 days ago)
Damn, my dude went straight to "hold hands" like the producer joked like it was no problem and she recoiled immediately. He's chillin' and she's got shit shes working out still. Do you homie. Be a father, you don't gotta be a husband to someone who doesn't know how to be a wife.
Phaon Thomas (16 days ago)
6:28 broke my heart when she pulled away from him
Carrot Juice (16 days ago)
I feel like the beanie dude with the beard and the blonde girl were for sure the druggys Blonde couple that had a baby were the preppy ones
Denny Brows (17 days ago)
That mans fade is more subtle than the Russians taking over europe
Yens B4NE1 (17 days ago)
I didn't have a high school sweetheart in high school because everyone thought I was gay little did they know I had a 22 year old boyfriend who I lost my virginity to in senior year lol
Сhris Hansen (18 days ago)
That lesbian couple ugly asf
Ava Salmo (18 days ago)
the girl with the curly hair has a unibrow and i all could stare at was that 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂
Joel Oilar (18 days ago)
Fkn over 15. Damn thot
Sam Taylor (18 days ago)
I’d date the red beanie guy
Nx Breach (18 days ago)
6:29 he got so rejected
TheOG llama21 (18 days ago)
The blonde dude was cool and the blonde chick was a hoe.
Mon Katu (19 days ago)
They all lying
Dia C (19 days ago)
I wonder if any of them gave it another go
chiknosis (19 days ago)
I said the N WORD for an hour straight😬😂
Bryn Feltl (19 days ago)
The guy with the beard needs some good loving 😫😭 like come here‼️
The 1992 Dream Team (19 days ago)
6:28 damn... that’s gon be on the internet forever bruh
レアFitment. (19 days ago)
4:06 Ahhhhhhh that fuckin hurt me...
Holden Hamilton (19 days ago)
Why do the 2 people with the baby seem exactly like Ross and Rachel if Friends was set in Florida?
xavier d. V (19 days ago)
This video is made for horny 14 year olds
Gamma (19 days ago)
4:06 is the best explanation on why females ain’t shit , FUCK HOE Press F for the fallen Soldier F
Ballistic Cinema (20 days ago)
holy unibrow
kermit sewerside (20 days ago)
does nobody see the girls unibrow
Milica U (21 days ago)
Whats the blonde girls digits? 😍💖
Will Hernandez (21 days ago)
i NEED Krista’s ig @ LIKE RN 😭😭
Flannel blondie didn't hesitate to hold his Blondie's hands. I feel bad for him and beard guy.
lowbatt777 (21 days ago)
That fucking cheater. Hope her next relationships will be worse and filled with men cheating on her. Karma's a bitch.

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