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PlentyofFish vs OKCupid - Which Free Online Dating Site Is Best?

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http://yourlifeyourlove.com - Looking for the best free online dating site and trying to decide between PlentyofFish vs. OKCupid? "LIKE" the video and POST WITH YOUR EXPERIENCE ON EITHER OKCUPID or PLENTY OF FISH. Dating and relationship expert Laura Henderson has an opinion when it comes to the best free dating sites. Should I use Plenty of Fish? Should I use OKCupid? These are both free online dating sites with millions of people on them. The huge database of online daters is a big plus for these sites. That's the best way to play the numbers and be in front of the most potential matches. The downside of both Plenty of Fish and OkCupid, is that since it's free, the bar to entry is lower and the people on the site may not be as serious about dating. When people are paying to join a dating site, like Match.com and eHarmony.com, they are likely to be more serious. There are also more safety barriers in place for people who use a paid online dating site. With Free Online Dating sites, there's likely to be a higher percentage of scammers or people who don't want to leave a paper trail on the free sites like OKCupid and Plenty of Fish. However there can certainly be shady characters on free sites, too. Also, we do have a success story from a doctor who met her match online on one of these free dating sites. Bottom line - either free dating site is fine - look for the one that has the user interface you like best, more people in your area, or try both and see where you get a bite first (plenty of fish joke!) Join Laura Henderson on Facebook: http://Facebook.com/ask.laura.henderson Laura Henderson, owner of YourLifeYourLove.com and author of "How To Meet Your Match Online" available at amazon.com
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Text Comments (276)
Jon C (28 days ago)
You are sexy. Are you single?
Doc Vega (3 months ago)
Both sites are bullshit full of fake profiles and scammers from even Ghana! These sites simply bait you to upgrade with fake messages from member that suddenly disappear or deactivate their profile because it was never real in the first place because their only purpose is to entice you into paying for an upgraded membership then watch how all the come on messages just drop off! On top of that the women who have been there in the past complain of guys sending them dick pics! So the ratio must be to make matters worse 100 to 1 Dudes to women while playing with their dicks! Neither site is legitimate!
Buom tut (4 months ago)
How can they be good dating sites when they charge you to pay to chat
C Z (5 months ago)
September 4, 2018. POF is not free, and not cheap. From my perspective, at least in my neck of the woods, I can see why many of the women are divorced and have been on the site for years. Having had breakfast with an Obama trained, back in the 80's, community organizer, here in Central Ohio, several months ago, was especially interesting. There was the one who, I found out later, was 45 minutes late for coffee. I left after a half hour wait. When we finally did meet she was 30 minutes late. Then there was the one who didn't like having a man in bed with her, because she didn't like being touched in bed. She did have 3 daughters. Referred to the sex act as doing her duty. And no, we never got past the quick hug good bye. She would have to know me, and this is the straight up truth, for a few months for a kiss. I'm a very active 71 and these are women within my age range. I have more stories, but these are the ones most believable. You set a distance range and POF starts throwing in matches from the surrounding states.... Did I mention that I live in Control OH-10? Why would I want to date someone from Detroit or Pennsylvania or West Virginia or Columbus Indiana? What a waste of time.
Captain Ron (6 months ago)
pof is trash
mike taylor (6 months ago)
haha he works for a tech company...hummmm i was wondering how the hell he got a girl on there,,,
Old Timer (7 months ago)
Been much back n forth on pof & have to say there are many many whacks with mental disorders out there...I had four relationships & they all was gold diggers & very stange outlooks in life which I wont get into I am glad I no longer have any doings with these people anylonger absolute nutt jobs...
Denise Younger (7 months ago)
Scammers are on all sites. Do u have suggestions for older women can try to find a nice guy
holy shit (7 months ago)
Women flake on those sites, its annoying.
“Dating”, “interracial dating sites” “dating” period.. is IMPOSSIBLE, negative, horrible because of females. 100% ALL females. Attractive slim beautiful females are all assholes, rude, arrogant, stupid, stuck up, racist (white or asian or other race not black females..-even lightskin black females). Females are bitches, jerks, just completely assholes and shallow, argumentative, difficult...Im so sick and tired of wasting my energy I have left constantly posting facts and my comments aren’t even seen. Tinder, OKcupid, pof, “interracial dating” sites, tagged(HORRIBLE), meetme, literally every single site/app IS HORRIBLE, severely severely frustrating and depressing and useless because of females being the horrible garbage and racist assholes/bitches that they all are. I’ve been literally made not to exist anymore. All I wanted was interracial dating. A girlfriend. A girl that wasn’t a fat or big female, not a ghetto female or a bitch or a girl that had kids for once in my life. It’s impossible. Females make really truly rare great men and hearts have to give up on females and die. Im so pissed off that I can’t and never will have what I wanted so badly, what I tried so so inhumanly hard for. Im so so severely frustrated and upset and alone and depressed and contemplating suicide more and more and females just don’t care what they do or all are. Females make dating and “dating sites” HORRIBLE. Females make real men hate females and life.
Marie Krikava (8 months ago)
Its all bullshit lyin men who are just looking for hook ups! The last guy. Was a smooth talker oh sweet heart i signed myself off of pof because i want ti win your heart. Left in the middle of the night and i texted him once. No response. Then like 6 hours later I called and the phone rang then went to voicemail. Giving if up for a while because I detest lying bastards!!!!
Havaseet2 (1 year ago)
Every broad on those two dating site want an attractive successful "gentleman" who "knows" how to treat them like ladies... Even if these women look like potatoes or manatees. They truly believe they are some tremendous prize even though they bring nothing to the table but debt, drama, and baggage.  Lot's of BBW hogs chasing pipe dreams.
Tim Miller (2 years ago)
american women excuse me
Tim Miller (2 years ago)
the problem with dating today American woen expect too much from men. instead of building with the man they expect the man to take care of them financially thats why i date outside the US...
Sonic McPatriotic (2 years ago)
"PlentyofFish vs OKCupid - Which Free Online Dating Site Is Best? " Was not answered. (scratching my head) ???
mysirius1000 (2 years ago)
The Jews have hijacked the dating sites, like everything else, and you have to pay,pay,pay and get nothing,nothing,nothing!
mysirius1000 (2 years ago)
Your face!
mysirius1000 (2 years ago)
Then you love evil if you love the jews; your so brainwashed my dear; get thee to school!
mysirius1000 (2 years ago)
+Nathalie Mourin Your too young and have been brainwashed to know the truth about the parasite jews! Look it up online. Protocols of the elder zion!
wyldeman0O7 (2 years ago)
Make sure your main picture is of you having fun. Have at least 4 other pictures of you having fun with other people. Make sure your description states that either you are an accomplished [career position] or [Going to school for ambitious career path] Talk about several activities that you enjoy and exciting places you've been (embellish if you have to). Then, "Like" everyone on meet me. When you get matches, look at the profile, find two good points of interest on that profile. Message the meet me match. Send message: "I like what I see in your profile pics, but the reason I wanted to stop by was because of [point of interest #1], also I [point of interest #2] is something that I really find interesting, how did you get into that?.After 20 or so successful relays state "Hey, you seem like good company. Text me? 310-755-1215. (This will take them off the app and make them focus on you.) After a few days of texting, drop the question: "Hey, would you be down for dinner or drinks this weekend or next.. as in a date? I think you're nice =)". (She will probably accept at this point). Lock down a date and time as the week progresses. Be yourself (DO NOT try to appease her, just be friendly and agree with her if it feels natural, otherwise crack a joke. DO NOT BE APOLOGETIC, but maintain your viewpoint.), if she touches your arm/face/leg 3 or more times combined, go for the kiss later on (you have a 90% chance of success at this point, do it after you get up from where you were in the first place). If all these parameters are met you will have sex within 12 days (on average) of 1st contact. Be bold , refine your skills, don't be afraid to fail. You will never get better if you don't have some failures under your belt. Just view failures as steps toward success. If your match doesn't respond after 2 messages drop it, if they only give you one word responses drop it. Be patient and restrained. Do not add a follow up message if they don't respond within 24 hours. Do not respond to their message for at least 20-40 minutes. This is my method, practice safe sex please. I hope you like this method, it has gotten me 8 1st dates and 1 girlfriend since 2015 when I 1st tried it.
RI (2 years ago)
http://idate1.com/en/my/reg_fast7.phtml - free, and good one http://m.idate1.com - mobile
Dean (2 years ago)
pof shows you all the members in your search filters. ockupid doesn't. paying members can choose to have 'unattractive' people filtered out from their searches.
Stevie Solutions (2 years ago)
All the dating sites stinks. Seeking arrangements if your lucky to find the right girl it might work. I could make a better dating site.
Jay M (2 years ago)
Neither of these sites are free whatsoever. At least, NOW they're not. They're only free to sign up. But you can't get anywhere unless you pay. Which I NEVER will!   I'm still searching for one that really IS free.
Veda Vision (10 months ago)
Have you found one yet ? They mislead millions ticking with words, saying they are free, wasting everybody's time because you have no way of knowing if they can read a message or they may have not even used the site for years. It is a massive amount of work and time . If you pay they should do the work. If it is not free like they mislead then they are the scammers.
Callum Brown (2 years ago)
They say love is free so why do we have to pay to meet a nice girl in our life time ?
Buom tut (4 months ago)
Joseph Walker (2 years ago)
because they are online pimp's
Dice Roller (2 years ago)
that's true
Marija Stankovic (3 years ago)
Nice videos
Marija Stankovic smdh
a Block (2 years ago)
+Marija Stankovic popsinthehood12@gmail.com
Marija Stankovic (3 years ago)
+Marija Stankovic there is one more very good site www.best4date.com - it's all free and it's very interesting
Trainfan1055 (3 years ago)
I've tried Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid. On Plenty of Fish, one woman responded. We talked for one weekend, then she stopped talking. None of the other women responded at all. I tried everything. Making my profile look good (with one picture of me in a casual setting, and one of me in a suit.) Making sure there were no grammatical errors, hiding the fact that I'm a nerd (refraining from math and chemistry jokes.) and still nothing. I don't see how anyone managed to get a date let alone get married on this site. OK Cupid was the same. These sites made me give up on finding a girlfriend... Well, at least I have "Love Plus. "
tranquility (2 years ago)
Do not feel badly sweetie, I can relate to what you are saying. I used to model, I pursued acting, I am tall, intelligent, my friends call me attractive, and I have been invisible my entire life. Yes, I have had serious relationships, but I used to have a tendency to love for real, whereas it seems like most ppl "love" superficially. They seem to love their technology more than each other. Dating on those sites is horrible. Sex addicts, Felons, druggies, Narcissists, guys with severe baby mama drama, and the majority are horn dogs who lie their asses off on the profiles by pretending to be poetic, romantic, looking for long term and they are lying just to get laid. Guys on there have told me that women are trying to get their bills paid from men on their first date, I am serious. Our society has also morphed into, hi let's screw, as soon as they meet someone. I can't speak for other ppl but your body is supposed to be something special that you don't just hand out to others just bec they have no sexual self control. Women are liars too. One guy told me he went out with this one chick who never told him she was at least 7 mos pregnant with another man's child. He found out when he met her in person. A friend of mine was seeing this chick who lives with her man still, but whenever he makes her mad, she tries to make him jealous by dating men from online. Let's also not forget the assholes who ask someone out, just for an ego stroke, the second you say yes, they go missing. They also go missing when you are supposed to meet them in person, men and women both play that game. Then you have the fact that online is a candy store of meeting so many ppl in a short span of time. So they have fake interest in you until they meet someone else, then they lose interest in them until they meet someone else, and so forth. Most lack the maturity level to sustain a real relationship. Then you have men poon hunting, and getting pissed off that my legs wouldn't fly open just bec they said hello. I do not have whore written across my forehead. The select very few good ppl on there do not stay online for very long, once they find out that most ppl on there are super fake, and pathological liars, and the rest are socially inept, and have pissed off everyone in there area, so they are looking for new victims online. The good ppl get off of there quickly when they find out how many ppl on there are playing as many mind games as humanly possible.
Dean (2 years ago)
the response rate for 'average' looking males on okcupid is only around 3%, and in a study they did, women rated 80% of all male profiles as 'below average' in attractiveness. add in there are 5 to 6 guys for every woman member. and that 'hot' women can get 400+ messages a week on okcupid. so, the odds are stacked against most guys. the top 15%-20% 'most attractive' guys do great. everyone else, not. women are in the position where they can shop guys all day long.
Avery NiteStar Glover (2 years ago)
what's love plus? Also, you should never worry about not being yourself dude. If they can't accept you for you, then they need to keep walking
tranquility (2 years ago)
+Trainfan1055 Oh yeah white girls get noticed way before anyone of color. I am Native American plus every other nationality lol, and I have modeled and danced so not ugly..but they have looked at my pic like EWWWWW. I used to take it personally a long time ago, but I realize now that the second ppl get on there they are racist and playing way too many games.
tranquility (2 years ago)
+Trainfan1055 Ppl do that also. They act like they are eager to meet then when the time comes, they go missing. I hope all of the game players get hit with lightening lol
tranquility (3 years ago)
Truth Master you are incorrect. They are free financially. But you pay through aggravation and lies from everyone on there. No one is normal on either site, and both sites are sex sites only. Everyone is acting like a dog in heat online.
tranquility (3 years ago)
Anyone who is a doctor can find a man. What man won't jump on that salary? White girls are more likely to find someone online than non white
tranquility (3 years ago)
Both sites are sex sites only. Everyone lies on there and claims they want someone long term and they want love etc etc. They are lying their asses off. Men and women both only want to get laid.
tranquility (2 years ago)
+Curtis Gathers Definitely
Curtis Gathers (2 years ago)
u so right on that one
lucas0550 (3 years ago)
i am on okcupid and more other free dating sites and I say hi or hello my name is lucas and can I get to know you please and I get 99% now never get a talk back for me to know her
lucas0550 (3 years ago)
No responded at all
Zachary Fitzgerald (3 years ago)
Are you saying literally no one responded? Or do you mean it didn't go past a casual conversation?
Trainfan1055 (3 years ago)
"Doesn't always..."? It NEVER works. That's why I stopped using it. It's not logical to continue to use something when the proof that it doesn't work is in front of you clear as day.
Zachary Fitzgerald (3 years ago)
It doesn't always work that's for sure, but several women have responded thanking me for actually reading their profiles. And if they don't respond, the vast majority of the time, I think it's just because they didn't feel we were compatible. Plus, though I don't know how many messages the average woman gets on a dating site, I'm fairly certain men get substantially more messages, so, logistically, I'm sure it's difficult to try to respond to every message.
Skeet Jensen (3 years ago)
I like none of these stupid sights, but I like you, because your a sassy beast.
SlightlySweetScorpio (3 years ago)
there's an equal share of perverts, scammers, and catfish on any site you go on. after my first ex, I was single for 6 years, (we only dated for 1) but I went though almost every single "free" and not free dating site out there. now I'm not the blonde bombshell yoga pants wearing vegan from CA, but I know what I want in a relationship, and paying for it was miserable.  Eharmony set me up with 1 married guy and 2 catfish. I demanded my money back, and they didn't bother with it. they said everyone was "Screened" before they added them to the site, well you can type "not married" and still be married.  not much of a screening process. the other 2 people stood me up twice, and I just ended it. Match kept matching me with obese men which I specifically told them not to match me with. I'm not obese and I wouldn't date someone who was. I asked for my money back because I was unhappy with their matching techniques. They didn't refund me. Chemistry was a waste of time. all the guys on there are well over 40 and still looking for a "Kendra" porn star trophy wife to show off to their buddies. I was matched with people who I had nothing in common with, but it was supposed to be chemistry? yeah right. Mingle 2 is just a waste. I don't think many people have heard about that site, because no one is on it. I was talking to a nice man for a couple weeks, we met at a bbq and hit it off, and a week later he hit on my sister and asked her to go to vegas with him. she kicked him out of the house in the middle of dinner, and we haven't spoke since. zoosk is just hookups and sex. no one on there is serious. OKC- I don't even know why I go on this site anymore, its pointless. you have to pay to see the people who wanna meet you? if they wanted to meet you, they would message you. not do the stupid matching service so you have to pay. I know all men on that site are NOT shy. POF- I met someone I dated for 2 years off POF we had a rocky start, and it only went downhill from there, upon moving in together, his past debt, ex wife and DUI's came up and it was too much for me to handle. I broke up with him and moved out. Tinder- Don't. Datehookup- Says what it is.. not good for LTR's. Christian mingle- you have to pay to even send a message. at least with ock or pof. you can do it for free. the guys on there are overly religious, and sometimes its more of a burden than a blessing. there's millions more, and new ones popping up everyday. I'd say, if you put in your profile, you love being outside, swimming hiking ect. then go do that, maybe you'll meet someone. its better to be standing in a pool full of guys you can see reactions and emotions rather than shopping online thinking he has everything you want, and meeting him has you running for the hills. maybe focus more on your life and what makes you happy, and that person will set foot in your life when they're meant too.
kashirwin (3 years ago)
+SugarZ0mbie "if you put in your profile, you love being outside, swimming hiking ect. then go do that, maybe you'll meet someone...maybe focus more on your life and what makes you happy, and that person will set foot in your life when they're meant too." I couldnt agree more. Someone GETS it! :D
sexyeyes1969 (3 years ago)
I have tried many sites in my time i haven't found a real good site at all. There are lots of female fake profiles. You won,t even get a few emails just about 2 lines at times.
clemen gabo (6 months ago)
sexyeyes1969 hi nice to meet you
sexyeyes1969 exactly. Same here. Females are horrible and garbage. In real life and especially on “dating” sites. “Interracial dating” sites.. all of them. Females make really truly rare great men die and have to give up on females
Attila709 (3 years ago)
btw....frogs need love too.
Attila709 (3 years ago)
Can I just date you and end this endless journey?? (:
Mr King Dice (3 years ago)
POF won't let you message or even see profiles with users 14 years or more younger than you.
Clare (2 years ago)
+Bricktown Washington I see your point and I guess I grudgingly agree as it is excessively controlling... however, if I owned a dating site I might be tempted to do the same thing...  I personally have a real problem with older men seeking out younger women... even made a video on it! 
Mr King Dice (2 years ago)
+Clare's Musings I have no problem with having the option of choosing what age range can contact you. I do have a problem with pof making that blanket choice for everyone whether they want that option or not. Some ADULTS have no problem dating someone older and pof shouldn't be stepping in and dictating who they can and can't date. if they only put that effort in cleaning up all the fake profiles they let slip in.
Clare (2 years ago)
+Bricktown Washington That is one of the only things I _liked_ about POF. I also liked the fact that you can block people who don't send messages over a certain character limit. However, some "lovely people" got around that by keying in multiple dots.... I'm sure that was just a power thing because I can't imagine that they would think that would endear them to me! I've tried POF a couple of times and each time left/deleted my profile because the pictures of people looking at my profile (very sleazy-looking) were so off-putting that it got depressing. :(
Ray Harris (2 years ago)
+Bricktown Washington I'd say you're winning.
johnny getbent (3 years ago)
+Bricktown Washington nope
Christopher O'Rourke (4 years ago)
I was on POF, the very worst of the worst online dating websites. I was on there from 1/13/2013 to 9/16/2014. When I enrolled with Plenty of Farces, I told them in my profile that Said Widower seeks Filipina woman for marriage with Filipina woman who seeks the same. I'm a widower that was married 31 years to my late wife Who was a wonderful woman. POF didn't bother to match me with my preferences. I'm at war with POF, I have filed lots of complaints againist them with the Federal Trade Commission, Fraud.org, the ic3 division of the FBI, the BBB of mainland BC,Canada, the Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia,CA, Sent letters to 185 daily newspapers in the U.S. & Canada telling how bad POF is. I have already called my congressman twice and my senators twice and told them how bad POF is, and they Need to be shut down for good.
Lynn Giselle (4 years ago)
There's a lot of creepers on both websites. I think the fact that they are FREE TO JOIN has to do with a lot of scammers and spammers on there. That's not to say that the sites are bad, as my boss met his wife off of OkCupid, and my girlfriend met her soon-to-be fiancé off of the same site. I'm just saying that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding the prince, and let me tell ya, kissing all of those frogs left a bitter taste in my mouth.  Before I met my husband, I was a member of POF and most of the guys had NO ambition, nothing going on with themselves, no motivation, no car, lived with mommy, and no idea of their future prospects. They just wanted to smoke dope all day and ask me to pick them up/have sex. It was horrible. Then I joined Match.com for a month before meeting my husband at one of our local eateries during a business luncheon. I then cancelled both of my subscriptions to the dating sites.  I guess online dating is okay, but too many people have taken advantage of it and perverted the purpose behind it. You see people who have fake pics, no pics, who only want a woman with DD size breasts, guys who want a sugar momma to take care of them (I'm not the fucking one), guys who want to scam you, lies, people who have no type of goals, guys who want to have four women for backup just in case the one they want to pursue doesn't reciprocate their feelings, and just plain out crazy creeps. It works for some people, but for me,a strong, independent, Republican, Christian woman, it just wasn't cutting it. If you have had success with online dating, awesome! I'm happy for you! If you're still trying to date online, good luck and I wish you the best!
Roy Nwogu (1 year ago)
jacko1623 (3 years ago)
+Lynn Giselle why does the guy gotta be prince charming? most women arnt princess charming either =z. we're just people we all have flaws. and some people i know have disabilities and cant drive or work. dating is a nightmare for them. main thing i openly see on the site is women mocking and making fun of men who dont work or drive in their profile calling them kids. some people literally cant you jerks.
AdderTude (3 years ago)
+Lynn Giselle On the opposite side, some of the girls I've met turn out to be camgirls and are practically on a recruitment drive for cam sites (or are otherwise scammers for said sites). Most other girls are only interested in having a friend with benefits, one night stands, or something similar.
depecheddurand (4 years ago)
Girls talk everything seems fine and when it comes to meeting they disappear on you .Most of them looking for a perfect man like jesus , making good money,father their kids ,good build ,a job ,a car you name it they want everything .
Doc Vega (3 months ago)
Only to get you to upgrade!
Anthony Manuel (5 months ago)
depecheddurand not all woman
Stevan Fabien (6 months ago)
I'm agree with u ...I'm still search for women on my life ...
Deano (10 months ago)
why NONE of these sites work out for most men.. women ruin it with their "bored" and plain uninterested motives.. they will attention who** and happily waste your time and not even care about it. there is no set way for any real guy to succeed.
Adventure Griffin (4 years ago)
I've tried plenty of fish on and off OkCupid really a bad ass fight? let me know guys and when I say guys I mean guys
S.D. Fendley (4 years ago)
Same people on Cupid , Meetme ,Tag,and POF...I think you will find out that most are only loyal to there next option ..They quickly become same shit different piles .Any thing other than a FWB your going to have to do some serious weeding ..
tranquility (2 years ago)
EXACTLY!!!!! The bullshit is the same but only the faces change!!!
Ronnie Leytham (4 years ago)
Dating websites are fucking shockingly shit you just waste hours of life using them for nothing to talk to a fucking bot .
DK Dempcey Knight DK (4 years ago)
PoF & Date HookUp: I have been a member of both off and on for the past 3 - 4 years. They are a "tool" and a useful one *IF* the people that join were honest. The problems are, 1) the majority have a motive, agenda, scheme and none of which relates to "finding a mate". They are either after sex, money or both. Once one avoids these yahoo's, then there are 2) those that invent, reinvent or portray themselves as they "wish" they are. They put forth a person that they want to be rather than who they truly are. It can be something as simple as listing hobbies to more deceptive such as career and the ever popular "Catfishes" that post a photo of themselves 10+ years younger or someone that is not them at all. 3) The dreaded and intelligent insulting scammers. How people still fall for these scams is beyond me! I might add that some sites administrators/owners have Catfishes of their own to message, attract, keep and get real members to join for a fee. 4) Then there are those that are on the sites just to vent: To make others miserable because they are. They will go out on a date, but only to complain about their ex's and or to get a free meal out of their date. (Not mate material). Easy to find these, just look at the forums. Once one jumps ALL these hurdles, the last of the online dating community is all of about 3 - 5% that are truly looking for long, lasting love. Unfortunately even after one finally finds the 3 - 5%, then there has to be a little thing called "chemistry" which is fickle and allusive both on and offline. I haven't any animosity towards the sites, only the people. After going through about 60% of the yahoos I have to take extensive breaks from the sites to keep myself from hating the idea of dating.
flamefox33 (4 years ago)
POF is nothing but full of losers on there. Good chunk of the female profiles there look like they just  smoked meth or crack. very nasty looking also 2 profiles that come by  looked like she was just in a bar fight with 2 black eyes kid you not. they block your msg's if your a guy. most profiles there require you to send a pic for a response. If your a female they don't block her from sending pictures in pvt msg's while blocking the guys msg's. who wants to give those crooks 80.00 and get nothing outta it. then there apps to read mail is BS full of Trojan horses. had to kill the hdd redo the whole pc.
flamefox33 (4 years ago)
+ScottieWallace I know. I think its very sick. I can understand that very much. to many weirdo's out there. I just got rid of one who I met through a friend of mine never again. 
Fishing Creeks BC (4 years ago)
POF is bullshit  They delete and band you for doing nothing wrong at all  Some spiteful person or maybe a jelous ex will flag you and they just band you for no reason at all  Its sux because someone sincere may meet someone and like them alot but not yet given person contact but then all the sudden your BAn FOR NO REASON AT ALL  mAYBE THEY JUST THINK YOUR UGLY AND JUDGE FOR NO REASON
田中凌駕 (4 years ago)
Hmmm, I surprised dating sites don't do what Bars do on ladies night, Free for women and men pay... 
AdderTude (3 years ago)
+Michael Harreskov Zoosk does this. A reviewer I saw made a dummy account as a "woman" and discovered that the features that are locked for men w/o a subscription are completely free for women.
Bobbie Patel (4 years ago)
pof does not as far as we know lie and play games with people like ok cupid.  They experiment on people and dont match you up like they say they should.  Dont bother with them.
MisterStratospheric (4 years ago)
ok cupid is HORRIBLE. full of freaks and pretentious women. yes ladies, I know, it works both ways. It is this way because it is FREE and anyone can join. POF is a bit better, they offer singles events, and it is a better   class of people.
KATE KALUNGA (4 years ago)
I have tried both a free and a paid site. I have gotten more responses on the free site than the paid site but not from people I would contact otherwise. I haven't found anyone who is looking for a serious relationship - I feel like most men are just doing it when they feel bored. Maybe I will just meet someone the old-fashioned way....
Buom tut (4 months ago)
what is the free dating site
KATE KALUNGA shut up jerk
jimmyjambhere (4 years ago)
jimmyjambhere (4 years ago)
i am done with all these sites for the simple fact of all the scammers from ghana & nigeria. if one more woman tells me they are from the u.s. but working in ghana im gonna freak out. especially~~~just a heads up voicemingle.com & pof.com are full of ghana scammers
Kanyarat Juychom (4 years ago)
i had the same they claim theyre in the west but  theyre doing a modeling assignment in ghana or nigeria !i had these on saucycontacts date site. same on all date sites infested with scammers trying to lure you into handing over your card details or sending money via Western Union on some spurious pretext ,craigslist is very bad for nigerian scammers
jimmyjambhere (4 years ago)
i think plenty of fish sucks
Jerry Cherrytree (4 years ago)
Date sites are a waste of time. Go out to social events and meet people the only true way: Face 2 Face.  
Jerry Cherrytree that’s impossible too.
Jerry if only it was only that easy in the USA. Night Clubs used to be the venue for meeting single women but I am learning this is no longer true especially in my age range.   Day venues ( Book stores, shopping malls, parks, etc. ) but unlike abroad walking up to and talking to women is not encouraged in the USA. like it was 20 years ago when I did it. Unless your in a click or have a job with plenty of single women, meeting them is difficult at best.  Some usually women say your trying to hard just let it happen, well that's crappy advice. I tried that and had zero dates. I agree with you online dating sucks for most men but it is one of the few options in the USA.  Online dating abroad however in a country like Brazil meeting women is easier and more natural because women want men to approach them.
Ronnie Leytham (4 years ago)
Yea you're right dating online is fucking shit I've never met anyone online and if you did they probably lie and it would be some fat ass bitch waiting for u or no one at all.:) 
MisterStratospheric (4 years ago)
Timothy Bradford (4 years ago)
Definitely more flakes on POF than any other site I have been on. I've been stood up by 2 women I spoke to several times who seemed really interested, then they no-show for the date. I have also received a few messages from a few girls just wanting to hook up for the night, when my profile clearly states that I am only interested in serious relationships. But hey, at least it's free. 
Francisco Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Timothy Bradford Black men are the least desired along with Indian
tranquility (2 years ago)
Not free bec you pay through lies, bullshit and aggravation.
Clare (2 years ago)
+Timothy Bradford "hey, at least it's free"That's why they say "you get what you pay for." I have tried out POF a couple of times but left because of the poor quality of the men on there. I've never been on a date with anyone on a non-paying site. I'm not saying I wouldn't, but in my opinion the sleaze factor is so high on the free sites that the odds are against me clicking enough with anyone to actually communicate with them, let alone meet them.
Kanyarat Juychom (4 years ago)
i had a women on POF who said all the guys were only looking for sex one night stands and she wouldnt do the business with them
Kanyarat Juychom (4 years ago)
+Timothy Bradford they all use shills to get you to sign up with your credit card ,then when you have signed up they all seem to vanish into thin air and suddenly there is no mail in your inbox . other sites have tons of romance scammers ,they try to get you to sign up with your card details onto another dodgy site then use your card details for fraudulent transactions
jayblac (4 years ago)
most women i send a note to go to my page but dont respond to a note thats rude as fuck just say i not interested
+Greg_Pavlett Actually we are, this is a video about OLDS if they don't work for Jay this is the place to comment... 
Greg_Pavlett (4 years ago)
We're not interested...in your dating fails.
jayblac (4 years ago)
pof is garbage okcupid is better but garbage
MisterStratospheric (4 years ago)
Enrico Caruso (4 years ago)
www.plentyoffish.com is extremely selfish, greedy for money, exactly like the bossy dictator Nazi Adolf Hitler without any justice, humanity, feelings, love or soul, they are dead robots, not humans. The reasons and proof are following: POF says POF is free, however POF is not all free. POF puts more new fees for services and functions, e.g. 2years ago the function of “My letter was read?” was free, but now everyone must pay the fee for the function. POF means plenty of fraud. One stuck up. Bossy girl insulted, humiliated, violated, abused, threatened, disgusted, discriminated me, because the bitch wrote me without politeness, respect, justice or humanity, ”Stop stalking me!” I immediately complained to the site, but POF didn’t suspend the bitch, but suspended me. Because POF supports only women, but not innocent gentlemen.
Christopher O'Rourke (4 years ago)
Enrich Caruso, I totally agree with you about Plenty of Frustration. I was on that Site from 1/13/21013 to 9/16/2014. When I enrolled with them, I told them to only match me with Asian women. They didn't bother to do that at all for NO REASON. I'm a Navy veteran, widower that was interracially married to a wonderful woman From the Philippines 31 years. I have asked, begged & pleaded with POF numerous times to only match me with Asian women of Philippine background, I'm planning to go back to the Philippines within the next 3 to 4 years & live out my life there for good. POF didn't like me communicating with women of Philippine & Mexican backgrounds at all. They did white on white racism againist me for NO REASON. I have filed complaints againist POF and I'm at war with them, file complaints Againist them on ComplaintsBoard.com, Reviewopedia.com & RipoffReport.com, send letters to as many daily newspapers as you can, file complaints with the ic3 Division of the FBI, the Federal Trade Commission, call up your senators, congressman or congresswoman and report POF. POF needs to be shut down for good.
Matt92 Machine (4 years ago)
POF is terrible... OkCupid is all right.
Gdayguy Matt okcupid is garbage and horrible too. All ..literally ALL of them are useless, horrible, negative and garbage. Because of females and the assholes who are “running” them. Females make really truly rare great men hate females and they make dating impossible, to meet what a guy wants
Dizzy Wayne (5 years ago)
Perks of dating me:  I laugh at my own jokes so you don't have to
sven471111 (1 year ago)
This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "greek dating" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Farnicaas Switcher Capitalisation - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my neighbour got cool results with it.
Allan horian (5 years ago)
Check out datingmadeeasy. net
orbitaldildo (5 years ago)
pof: more fatties, okc: more gold diggers. I choose neither. Both women on these sites are loses, all they do is sit on their computers all day, they probably have no friends or anything to offer... Sorry but I don't do weird loser women!
Timothy Bradford (4 years ago)
You're right about the fatties! I'm very fit and muscular, but I keep getting messages from obese women. As if!
Stupid people (5 years ago)
I think all dating sites are scams, let me start with the paid ones.  I paid for a year membership on E-harmony.com, but forgot you can sit up a profile for free, but they charge want to charge you money to check your mail.  All women just go off pictures know of days,  I JUST CANT BELEVE how swallow some of these women are.  Two, the free dating sites, I can e-mail every girl in my home two times over and get no where, so once again, the free ones are crap or women just don't know how to use a key board! 
GoFish Dating (5 years ago)
may be you are right in some ways but it will always attract people because it's free, http://www.gofishdating.com which is a 100% free dating site too
jmkkalo1 (5 years ago)
jmkkalo1 (5 years ago)
too many women on there are just on there for an ego boost.
jmkkalo1 (5 years ago)
they both suck
bronzecap (5 years ago)
Amazing how women on OKCupid who are extremely butt ugly "reply very selectively" and have the scarlet red circle status as a result. I messed with this site for the first time in 2011 and went back on briefly in 2013 and still see the same women. Although POF sucks, it's more str8 to the point. OKCupid is chinese water torture & should be avoided at all costs. Full of feminists, pretentious hipster seeking weirdos. I actually came across one profile where the women said "you can't have muscles"
Logan Braveheart (1 year ago)
lol you can't have muscle just flat-out ridiculous
Matty King (5 years ago)
He's got a point! In my view, it's sexual discrimination. Simple as that! If i could magically wake up tomorrow as a Chick, i'd be as slutty as possible and come on to really nice and shy guys just to help them out because i know what it's like to be unable to pick up anyone!! You try going through years of sexual frustration..Then you can talk to me about being desperate. Until then, get off your high horse!!
Brett Reimers (5 years ago)
LuvQuest.com Brand New dating site!!!
Brett T (5 years ago)
Dating Thats Easy (5 years ago)
Yep, dating's definitely the law of averages & you do have to be willing to put yourself out there. It is a matter of sifting through the time wasters to find the one that's right for you. Odds are better that as you said, you're likely to find better quality people on paid sites though.
Taylor Anastazia (5 years ago)
I used Okcupid... I met My Boyfriend Off of there 7 months and it's been fucking awesome.
Yash Mehta (5 years ago)
yeah youtube clips do make it simple to mac fat chicks but if you want to pickup hot gils you have to have game or you'll get shutdown check out the free clip on PUA66.COM If anything happens, Marcus will save you. Won't you, Marcus? Hale asked, looking up at the man, who nodded. It would be an honor, Miss.
Jon awesomeness (5 years ago)
im saying your on dating sites LOOKING for sex. so l said no wonder your single
Jon awesomeness (5 years ago)
and you wonder why your single dipshit.lol
johncfl (5 years ago)
johncfl (5 years ago)
Stop! 1st of all, you can make a statement in your ad about one might stand guys -- look elsewhere or long term commited relationship only (or something similar). Then, if that doesn't filter out the scrubs, ask the right questions when he calls -- ask his intentions (can they lie -- of course -- but between his ad and his words, you should get a good idea. Then meet over coffee at a bookstore -- not drinks -- so that ambiance says -- I want dialogue -- not romance -- out of the 1st meeting.
johncfl (5 years ago)
Have you run this? Google: "PlentyOfFish (POF) Advice Series for Men - How-to Improve your Pro"
johncfl (5 years ago)
What Internet personals provides is another avenue. It's foolish to cut off a possible source. You should consider having a girl you know take a look at your ad to see if there's anything that should be updated. Do you have a good pic of yourself or is it one wearing shades (where one can't even see you) or from a distance or with your shirt off? Do you refresh your ad on a regular basis or do you let it go stale? Do you try to go on when you get a notice of new ads?
xplor va (5 years ago)
POF totally sucks for average good guys with honest intentions. I almost NEVER get a response from women there, and I know a lot of other guys like me have had the same response - NOTHING! A total waste of time! It's much better to meet women in-person than in the cyber world.
xplor va (5 years ago)
I've had more luck on Okaycupid than on POF, but they're both rigged against the average guy with good intentions. We don't stand a chance there against spammers and pervs! Online dating sucks for guys. Much better to meet women in-person.
johncfl (5 years ago)
If it's free, it's for me. And it's not as quirky as Okaycupid.I can't figure why you've had problems but I have bigger fish to fry. Be well. I hadn't any luck on Match but I'm older and not that tall, so that automatically limits me as most girls are asking for much taller guys and much younger guys. Don't forget that negative energy begets negative results and vice versa, whether you believe it does or not.
jkjed1 (5 years ago)
"Engage" your brain on what? A silly free dating-site based in Canada that has so-called simple-rules that only apply to men? That's right, SMART ASS! Besides, if you are so wonderful and complicated, why do you desire to deal with a LAME dating-site anyway?
johncfl (5 years ago)
How hard can it be? Engage your brain.
jkjed1 (5 years ago)
Right on, smart-ass, but that is not the point here! Obviously it is not just me that was affected by their "simple rules".
johncfl (5 years ago)
Dumb of you to ever put a woman down for rejecting you. She'll tell her friends and you'll get banned one way or another. If it was a very pretty girl -- you have to realize pretty women have more options so there's more competition. Just move on and don't put out negativity cause one way or another your hard feelings will boomerang. No one wants to date a sour puss. There are gorgeous women on both sites. Make sure your response is personal to that girl -- not a carbon copy to all.
johncfl (5 years ago)
You did something wrong -- thousand haven't had a problem.
johncfl (5 years ago)
Put your ads somewhere else!
johncfl (5 years ago)
Never had a problem with POF. If you did then you're doing something wrong or shady or undesirable. It's easy to follow simple rules.
johncfl (5 years ago)
That's good -- so stay off the ads and women won't have to put up with your lust.
johncfl (5 years ago)
Girls who have likes that guys enjoy (like sports) should highlight them in your ad. Pics of you wearing shades and from far away are worthless. WHo even wants to meet for a short date over coffee with someone you obviously woudn't find attractive -- so post a clear pic -- no one likes blind dates! As to her objection that people on free sites may not be serious -- make that a part of your ad -- women should be very specific to that your ad does the screening rather than wading thru email.
johncfl (5 years ago)
Both site are fine though Okcupid is a bit quirky but hey -- they are totally free to write to anyone! One downside is Ok has a ton of New Yorkers over NJ girls but the best part is they have large pics when you click to display them vertically. My friend met his wife on POF. Basically there are more opportunities on all these sites the younger you are -- that is, the population is larger.
johncfl (5 years ago)
1st of all they don't suck. My friend met his lovely wife on POF.
Winston Timpug (5 years ago)
sorry but this is the best that i tried so far --> goo.gl\gdHRPg
William Flinchbaugh (5 years ago)
Or Bailey Jay, dear lord I would date her in a heartbeat, love everything about her.
Todd Rad (5 years ago)
LOL Charles, I agree with comparatively equal sentiments. And, what is even smarter, -I've emailed okcupid a few times in the past with specific game changing ideas, (like freebees you don't give), for marketing and mechanics Never heard a peep. Not a wonder they have no huge growth. Just unsatisfied returnees. Ever watch your bored roommate crawl back up to Blockbuster only to rent the same movie as he did two weeks prior. Additionally, being a doctor/techie doesn't not make you a do good'r
ONLY1RAMUZIC (5 years ago)
jkjed1 (5 years ago)
POF used to be a good site...Now they are tough on men--I guess men who put up profiles on that site are ASSUMED to be married or "old men just looking for hookups" (according to the goofy-owner of that site). POF has no member-support team. There are MANY people complaining about their profiles getting dumped for no verified-reason (no warning, just dumped). Best to just use a reasonably-priced dating site and end your membership when you finally find someone worthwhile).
mishu akter (5 years ago)
I was useless with girls until I came upon Simple Gained Girlfriends. Try it out, I don't mean to boast but I'm able to get any woman I want now. Google search Simple Gained Girlfriends, you'll see exactly what I mean.
Faith Baillie (5 years ago)
hey matey im on= POF
Scum Bag (5 years ago)
They both suck! They're full of fat, ugly flakes like emmy1374 who think they deserve a guy who is a million times better than them, and will even pass up men who are already too good for them.
al bama (5 years ago)
i noticed that too man. im a white guy and the ONLY chick i can talk to regularly is a very pretty blk lady from my city. even the white chicks on pof are ridiculous, setting standards too high lol. idk the girl seems like shes a little out of my league but i guess she enjoys my personality. lol these sites suck 4 real. and as awht guy looking 4 blk women ur right, theres like 5 percent of them on there. smh

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