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Asking yourself "why am I single?" check out my dating advice to see some common patterns that may be holding you back from long lasting relationships! I hope you find this chit chat video helpful, it is very different for me but I tend to be a go to person for personal advice so I figured I should start sharing more where I can help :) If you are new here, I am married, I have been with my husband for 10 years ( married for 4 of those years ) and I have only had a few relationships in my life, and they were all long term ones so I believe I have enough experience to hopefully help a bit. I am not an expert, just a girl that has learned a thing or two over the years :) Please watch the full video so you get all the goods!! XOXO FOLLOW ME! http://www.instagram.com/misscharmsie http://www.facebook.com/misscharmsie http://www.twitter.com/misscharmsie www.misscharmsie.com BUSINESS INQUIRIES : misscharmsie@gmail.com FTC : Not Sponsored
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STEVEN TV WORLD (8 days ago)
In Japanese culture Man use blow up dolls and pretend she is a woman. There is something wrong with Man and Woman and relationship.
STEVEN TV WORLD (8 days ago)
Woman are selfish
STEVEN TV WORLD (8 days ago)
I don't understand WOMAN behavior. I am 42 years never been in a relationship or married.
Pat Riarchy (1 month ago)
A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle. Females are strong and independent and don't need no man. Females don't need male validation. Etc. BUT what she does need is MONEY and females will put on any act to get it. The only thing a female can offer you is a 75% chance she will ruin your life. Of what possible use is a female to a man? Females are not assets but very expensive liabilities.
HGB 1 (2 months ago)
From a gay guy's point of view with a lot of single girl friends, I boil it down to 3 main reasons: 1. Some of you expect relationships to be like a fairytale romance movie. Life is actually pretty mediocre in all aspects, and the sooner you embrace this, the sooner the excitement begins. It's a paradox, I know. 2. Social media. Why would these girls go out and meet a guy when they are getting all this attention and gratification from social media? It is killing their drive 3. Insecure. You can't get to know someone if you're always all insecure and on the defensive. A cat is insecure and defensive and has no friends. A dog is positive and outgoing and has many friends.
Jordan Jordan (2 months ago)
What a beautiful and classy lady I'm single too wish we could meet
izzy forever (2 months ago)
Is too picky when you dont want someone with kids I feel its baggage I am pushing 31 and i want a husband I honestly gave up looking I been single for 2 years now
akikz (1 month ago)
@Elizabeth Saiz There is men out there who have no children. Go look at videos with "reasons not to date single mothers" etc. You will see tons of men talking about how they're in their 30's with no children. Don't give up hope, I'm sure you'll find a guy with no children. I'm in the same boat, except I'm 26 and looking for a girl who has no children. I think kids from previous relationships are baggage. I don't play that shit. haha But for real, there is tons of men out there who have no children. I feel there is more men out there with no children than there is women out there with no children. Just sucks thinking about it, but if anything you still got a pretty good chance. I feel it's going to be harder for me to find a girl with no kids than it will be for you to find a man with no children. (If that makes any sense.) Recommend to expand your dating options. Meaning date men who probably live a little further away. Don't limit them with just living in your town/city. Look for men in other cities/towns etc.
izzy forever (2 months ago)
+HGB 1 I rather stay single fuck that
HGB 1 (2 months ago)
You're 31, not 21. It's not like you have options hunny
Colonel Angus (2 months ago)
Im single because i dont trust females. I mean, what is in a female that is trustworthy and true? Nothing. From the fake up they wear to the fake boobs, fake painted finger nails, wigs, weaves, extensions and dyes to the clothes they wear or lack of it to the overt lies, falsehoods and fake accusations to the covert omissions they make and secrets they keep. Women are representative of overall fakery and false advertisement. Everything about them is fake and false. When a woman is lying it's because her lips are moving. My life is much more peaceful without them...and i save a lot of money in the process.
Natalie Carmen (2 months ago)
I’m 16 & single. I have so many friends that are in relationships and I started recently thinking about being in one. It’s not that I have low self esteem issues. I’m accepting of myself and people around me. Rather than finding the right person I’m trying to be the right person.
49jubilee (2 months ago)
You've been married for 4 years. It's not best to count the other 6
Lit Soul (2 months ago)
Thankyou for this 😂😂💓
kowsi kowsi (2 months ago)
Wish I have seen this when Iam 15 but it's not too late Iam 19 Everything,confusions happend in my mind But hevan sake I did not make any actions,b ecoz my parents were strict. Now I am clear about myself my ambition,my future Talking to many girls who are achieving,see girls whose personality attracts and getting knowledge is important for every girl
Arianna Montanez (2 months ago)
I love this it really helped me
Pulling the Strings (3 months ago)
I came to the point where any woman I get in a relationship with was just destroying me in one way or another.some want to much attention others are to out there and treat you like just a friend.one of of them died and another left pregnant to another man . I rather live for myself now and I have saved up enough money at 32 years old that I plan to retire by 45.and I can't do that if I have someone dragging me.
Lynette Farmer (4 months ago)
I enjoyed it, you made interesting points
Cara B (5 months ago)
Cows , cats, pigs, frogs!!! 🤣
D. Thomas (5 months ago)
Yeah... I gotta get back out there...
Hamilton Rowan (5 months ago)
I actually grew to like being single, but I needed to have a son. My family lineage was full of demonic possessed people who practiced black magic. I was the first male in over 200 years to be saved. I decided I wanted to "reboot" the family line. Only 50 % of the people in my extended family even have reproduced offspring. So I chose to marry and had three children all of whom now are born again. My sister (their Aunt Deborah) tries to encourage them to embrace Marxism, but they see right through that demonic philosophy! My two other sisters are non believers, one has manifested occult powers, the other married an abusive husband who moved her to a remote village in Maine. It's a two day drive to get there. Although she had children with him neither of them are believers. Every one of my extended family supported Hillary Clinton for President and every one of them are leftist politically! The point is I would have been fine single for life, but wanted to break a 200 year curse even more!
Man Cuore (1 month ago)
Jesús Saves. Satan is now ruling this world. Pray, pray, pray.
scott sanger (5 months ago)
women are NEVER happy. Men are learning this and are staying away. Women can take care of their lonely selves.
Mysterious Phantom (5 months ago)
Where I live at, dating is impossible.
Andre Curry (3 months ago)
Lol gotta love small towns!
LINDA CAMARA (5 months ago)
the three things that are deal breakers for me online, right at the beginning, is if they have children, how tall they are and if they smoke...after i filter through that I’m not that critical...I’m open to meeting anyone. I think it’s perfectly okay to have certain deal breakers and standards...nothing wrong with that 😁
1 (1 month ago)
+akikz Yeah no, if they're not attracted to short men, they just aren't. What is ridiculous is trying to talk her into settling.
LINDA CAMARA (5 months ago)
Yea, you’re right and I agree, and I see how it seems superficial, but I just can’t help it, lol. They need to be tall...maybe because I was with a man who was 5’4 for 17 years...I decided I’m not settling anymore. But I agree...there are amazing men out there who are on the shorter end, and who knows I may end up eating my words in the future, but for now I’ve decided taller is what I want.
Kavita8 (5 months ago)
A man height isn't that important maybe unless you're 6ft tall as woman.....because most tall women have problem dating a man unless they're a model or a big body beauty tall....I don't get why so many short women have a problem with less tall men because I'm 5;9 as a woman and i dated guys that was shorter than me...and they were amazing gentlemen
Greg Chase (5 months ago)
LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS (LTR) are to BE **AVOIDED** - you start getting on each other's nerves - little things at first, Then bigger issues - this KILLS the ROMANCE - the LTR comes to an end AVOID IT - get your fill of sex drive fulfillment when you're young - stay single! 97% of all mammal species (we are mammals too) - males and females ARE **NOT** MONOGAMOUS and there's no LTRs at all See "Monogamy in mammals is rather rare, only occurring in less than 3% of these animal species" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monogamy_in_animals#Monogamous_mating LTRs are NOT INSTINCTIVE for almost ALL MAMMALS. Somewhere in history we got tricked into thinking LTRs are normal. They're not normal. Don't believe it? Here's the proof that LTRs are NOT INSTINCTIVE for us. 1) the divorce rate is 50%. 2) and women dislike LTRs MUCH MORE than men -- 70% of divorces are initiated by the wife THE TAKEAWAY - get your fill of sex drive fulfillment when you're young - thankfully the libido drops off as we get old and unattractive - remember, we ALL lived the first 14? 16? 18? years of our lives alone and single, and did FINE. . . .
minne mano (5 months ago)
I wish to get married I had enough being single.but I never get a chance allways something happen not to reach my dreams
Big Teddy Bear (5 months ago)
you have a very beautiful red lip color on
Heidi Foss (5 months ago)
Nice advice
Michael Deth (5 months ago)
Great advice
Nabeel Khan (5 months ago)
women who chase after rich guys are basically selling themselves to be submissive to their partner. if you don’t want a life of your own and are just gonna serve your partners needs then marry a rich guy. not only that how many times have women been murdered by wealthy men. they only want you briefly to fulfil their emptiness and then want you gone..
Beletrix Lastrange (5 months ago)
Ladies I’m telling you this . The part she said get a distraction Leo DiCaprio this actually works all weekend I watched Harry Potter and then I’m looking at Daniel Radcliff pics on Pinterest then I’m watching interviews when I did this it helps me not think about the person I want because Daniel Radcliff is hotter than him. I’m telling you try it it works 😉
Lu R (5 months ago)
FIXATED!!! Key word Miss Charmsie. Good video. This is the kind of words I could really say deserve the: "You go girl" Not when they are promiscuous & all round up in a circle screaming, you go girl. Watching the action. And this is a birthday celebration. First and last time I saw this. I was, REALLY??? That is Happy Birthday, that is Bachelorette party. Ok!! Damm we are in really bad shape. All it does, is that men looks at your gender with no respect. Very short term. I have seen so many girls fixated on characteriztics. You mentioned them all. Tall, $$$, manhood size. Even dare to say they are mensa member or "sapiosexual"& they want the same. Because, they want a child like it. I said once, I have seen genius level kids that come from poverty. Explain that? It's random, not by design. Because, they want this perfect, super inteligent child. Its beyond sad to see where we are at in this mating thing. We have become either narcissistic or hedonist. Shallow to the worst degree. We have gone backwards, not forward. Hypergamy! Alpha male! Beta male! Sapiosexual! Etc....its all crap. I mean, the words and terms keep mounting up & sofocating to kill love and romance. Which are the really important aspects of our human existance. And so, we get the new dumb words & forget what's important. True love that can't be purchased. Sacred holy matrimony. Devoted in reciprocity. Values, principles, loyalty, faithfulness that should be unnegotiable. I like you, you come across as smart, introspective, good woman, good wisdom. We good guys look for good qualities to live a life for life. Not even the long run or as they say durable long term. I want a lifetime. Life can be sweet, enjoyable around kindness & love. Wisdom guides you, points direction. Thanks, you make a lot of sense. Keep talking your stuff.
Ms. Jazzy (5 months ago)
Yasssssss! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💕
Katherine T (5 months ago)
Nice video! So true!
Mini92 (5 months ago)
"Godly women don't have to advertise. They just be. Their trust is in the Lord. The anointing makes them beautiful. It attracts and demands attention and respect all on it's own. It will catch the eye of any man who can recognize the true spirit of God. It is rare for a man to come at her disrespectfully because the God in her radiates like the bright sun. It says I am a woman of God. A princess. A daughter of the King of kings. Her very presence and spirit demands the best and nothing less. She is not desperate for anything, and her emotions are checked by the Holy Spirit. Her heart is in the hands of God, and God will not give it to a man who is unworthy of his daughters love"
gjoexoxo (1 month ago)
Mini92 r u married???
Paul Dan (2 months ago)
Who the hell needs a woman with imaginary friends and fears ?
Pulling the Strings (3 months ago)
Mini92 so this is how your offspring will be.god this God that.so we blame him for taking my family in the paradise fire? Well I do,so fuck God and his plan to break me down.
Alba Barrios (3 months ago)
Mini92 AMEM 🙏🏻
Mini92 (5 months ago)
Paul G (6 months ago)
guess u had enough boyfriend's and now ready to settle before u hit 30?
Basic bixh (6 months ago)
All of these are “if u were in a relationship and things arw going bad because....,” Nah ive never been asked out nobody has ever shown any intrest in me IM UGLY can u please give some tips on how to get into a relationship
Sam Laru (6 months ago)
Great advise, so inspirational! You are absolutely right, you have to know yourself first before you can try and start a relationship. You are such a beautiful person inside and out.
Beautiful Girl (7 months ago)
I don't like it when people say "You will not find the list your looking for." I have a dream husband and I know exactly a person in my life who found the person I am looking for but he is taken sadly. So I will find another person like him. Just like the Adele song, "Never mind, I'll find someone like you." I hope I find the one, I am struggling right now. I will not just settle. I don't like being called picky because your picking a life partner, it is serious.
Horse Man (7 months ago)
You women need to get real. You wasted so much time. And now you want love and commitment that you're older Most men are already gone. Younger women will walk all over you.
Dominique Burns (6 months ago)
Horse Man Trash
Jazz A (7 months ago)
Ur gorgeous and you give awesome advice thanks so much :)
AllPro777 (7 months ago)
It's impossible for a western woman not to be able to meet people. Any average, overweight woman can put up a picture online and have 100 guys offering dates within an hour. The only reason women today can't find someone is because of having unrealistic standards, especially standards that exceed what they themselves have to offer.
Mark Fullington (7 months ago)
I'm stuck in a retirement community. Pickings are slim for me. Being single isn't the worst thing in the world.
ai lee (8 months ago)
Hmm you're a fan on Rhonda Byrnes. Mee too :)
akikz (1 month ago)
thewewguy8t88 (8 months ago)
so i am just going to say this and if you say this is not the place to say this then my question is where else do i say this but here is the thing most women rarely are single for then a year(unless its legit by choice and that is quite rare) but again my experience is most women out there who break up with someone rarely stay single for more then a year.
Vivian Joseph Thomas (8 months ago)
Loved your latest video .... Miss Charmaine.
Vivian Joseph Thomas (8 months ago)
In a time of lots of breakups/ divorces , staying single is the best option.
Sandra Jefferson (9 months ago)
This was really great advice, please do more videos
Imran Hussein (10 months ago)
Dr. Emory Carl Sims (10 months ago)
You are single and introverted? You are kidding (smile). You are so beautiful. You shouldn't be single (smile). What you are saying makes sense, and I agree.
akber ahmed (11 months ago)
Leonardo DiCaprio posters all over your wall? Are you trying to distract teenage girls from 1997?
Rhonda Williams (11 months ago)
Great advice 😊
Ashley Rennee (1 year ago)
Great advice!
Ender (1 year ago)
You are single because your expectations of others exceed the expectations of yourself.
Dominique Burns (6 months ago)
Ibraahim1 S7 (1 year ago)
Pls contact my whtsap +252634351869
Julie Bela Wamona (1 year ago)
Too distracted by your curls and that lipstick
bigbini girma (1 year ago)
u r the prettiest girl i have ever seen...sometimes i feel like God has forgetting me.i am tired of waiting someone that i can care and live with them throught my life.i am tired of being single.
Sarah Edwards (1 year ago)
Thank you for your wisdom.
J P (1 year ago)
My crush was stuck on an ex that hurt her extremely bad. Since she didn't want to let go of her past it effected a healthy relationship we could of have and because of that I had to move on. I really genuinely cared for her a lot.
21EC (1 year ago)
thing is that if I dont find a certain girl attractive then its an instant deal breaker for me...no matter how good her personality is, if shes not my cup of tea look wise so to speak then its totally turning me off her even if shes really showing an interest in getting to know me or whatever, her personality is important but also how attractive she is to me.
Black MEGriffin (5 months ago)
For girls it's ALWAYS about looks. Be fortunate and stop being a jerk piece of SHIT. She may say he's great but I just can't get over his ugly dick or weird feet. See how stupid shallow and DEMANDING that is?? Point is spend time with good people and after awhile looks wont mean shit. Because best believe if she's a good lookin'piece of shit she won't work she'll cheat she'll run you in debt and then take half your income and brainwash your kids. So if you really think that shit is important I've got some tickets to hell to sell ya cause that's where you're going (figuratively and possibly literally and for both your sake I hope not). Time never stops or cares for your pain so don't add unnecessary fuel to your OWN fire over something that can change with ONE car accident. Miss so pretty is all she has soon becomes Quasimodo and you're out cheating. Fix your fuckin SELF or no matter whom you get with you are BOTH doomed
purifymi (1 year ago)
I’m the person with the low self-esteem. I’m working on it, but it’s been a struggle meeting appropriate suitors. I’ve definitely been co-dependent in previous relationships. This is an amazing video. Definitely helping me. I’m currently struggle with my single-hood. Thanks!
kiara alberigo (1 year ago)
you're so pretty! oh my gosh and i loved this video
captnhuffy (1 year ago)
**I'm MGTOW by choice!* I'm never lonely, and i LOVE my life like never before! When a Male commits, he is sticking his head into a Guillotine, and he never knows when a woman, or the system, is going to lop off his head. smh Want to hear it from a Woman's perspective? Read the book: Men On Strike by Dr. Helen Smith. A fast simple and easy read. Do yourselves a favor, read the book, and follow the recommendations, because things are NOT going to get better "magically" Women are far to: Dishonorable, irrational, childish, weak-willed, Socialist, & users, or abusers, of men & the systems we built for the betterment of mankind. Life would be better, in some few ways, w a Lover, but overall, Women simply are not worth the investment, or the required maintenance. I know all these things as factual, as I have tried, and sacrificed far too much. Western Women's Gov, Culture, & Legal system makes it IMPOSSIBLE for Males to commit. Good luck, youre going to need it.
Dominique Burns (6 months ago)
captnhuffy You sound crazy AF.
Bambino Gold (1 year ago)
I like how you added the how my child should look like reference because I have been seeing that A lot lately....
Bambino Gold (1 year ago)
Too distracted by those curls 😍
JIMBO PHAM (1 year ago)
I needed to see this.Thank you😌
Vax x (1 year ago)
kewlade719 (1 year ago)
great video!! you have a wonderful voice and precense about you. your thoughts are appreciated and I plan on taking your advice :) thank you!
Lara Solitude (2 years ago)
i fell in love with u ... i am not gay :D but all what i want to say is that I really liked your video thumbs up <3
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Solitude Solitude thank you so much :)
Willowy13 (2 years ago)
For me, it goes down to being beautiful. You can like yourself all you want, if your face is not presentable to his friends, no relationship to you. I've had two guys tell me I am great, but ugly. I was passed over so much for my pretty friends (never had a boyf) that one day I just threw the towel. Love is not for everyone and many of us should realize that and avoid this hurt at least. I became a way happy person when I realized it.
Alicethereality (10 days ago)
There are so many different types of beauty, and you may not be conventionally attractive but, this doesn’t mean that someone won’t find you attractive for a relationship. Sometimes throughput our lives, people don’t see all that we have to offer, and it is painful but, we can’t take others preferences personally. Those who put others down typically have low self esteem and don’t make good partners. Remember you can change how you feel about yourself, and if needed make lifestyle and image changes, to attract a worthy partner. You can also hire a dating coach to help you look and feel your best, to be your most desirable. Best wishes to you.
Muhia Nyambura (15 days ago)
true story!
Bad Puppy (4 months ago)
I know this is an old post, but it’s important to say. When I met my wife I was driving a Ford Tempo, dressing like a broke college student, and taking my dates out to dump looking restaurants that had great food. I always downplayed what I did for a living, never even implied how much I made, and specifically avoided “hot” women. From my perspective, the hotter she is the more addicted to the attention of men she has become. I wasn’t looking for a piece of ass, I was looking for one of those unicorns with character. She didn’t know it, but I was building stock market trading floor infrastructures for a living. If you have ever traded a stock, or transferred money you have touched something I have built. Her friends would try and discourage her from dating me because I only drove a Ford Tempo. I treated her with the respect she earned. Not mr passive aggressive nice guy or mr asshole, not kissing her ass, just being myself. Nice friends huh? About a month before we got married, I showed her my pay stub... she dam near fainted. I specifically avoided trying to attract gold diggers, and what’s called “thots” today. Why on earth would I want a relationship with that kind of human being. The first conversation I had with her, she basically gave me a list of crap she wouldn’t put up with. Everything on that list was on mine. Now if I’m honest, and confident she will never read this, she is not what men or women would call pretty. She was fit, but.. well, she was used to her girlfriends “taking” the men she was interested in. None of that matters. As judge Judy loves to say: beauty is fleeting but stupid is forever. You would be surprised how many men there are just like me. Men sick and tired of pretty little narcissists. Men looking for women of character. The thing is, many of us are so sick of running into little miss “I’m all that” narcissist that we are dropping out. You might have to take a chance, deal with the rejection, and start the first conversation.
Naura AP (1 year ago)
I'm still a teenager, and i really hope that this only happens in an immature environment/community like in high school, for example. Idk what's gonna happen when I'm an adult, but as for now i agree with u that guys usually put looks or reputation first before they even know whether they're actually getting along with the girls or not. It's pretty sad actually
Dirtnap1986 (1 year ago)
@Willowy13 I agree. Most will say it's about personality and all that good stuff, but majority of the time it's all about looks. There have been guy friends, that i didn't even know liked me until years later, but didn't ask me out because to them or their friends I was not good looking.
Samantha (2 years ago)
Love this! Keep it coming!!!
Latoya Nickee Walker (2 years ago)
Wow, this is literally what I needed to hear. You hit so many nails on the head.
Zena Greer (2 years ago)
What if the list you have has nothing to do with physical characteristics.. I've been dating a guy that I've had great dates with, but every encounter has been initiated by me. So I dropped him cause I feel like it should be an equal investment.. Is that being too picky?
Zena Greer (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! That helps a lot!! :)
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
I think you did the right thing! Sometimes it's as easy as " he's just not that into you " ...when someone is into you they make the effort, no matter how busy etc. and as I'm sure you know, someone not being into you doesn't mean you are not fabulous! They may just not be all in mentally, emotionally etc. for their own personal reasons. I'm so glad you didn't try to force it, you definitely deserve the mutual effort!! And it will come 🙌🏽
Ayesha Din (2 years ago)
great video. really made me think about my situation as a single woman. you should definitely do more videos like this.
fozlooove loz (2 years ago)
i am working on myself thaxs Love
C Brown (2 years ago)
Loved this vid! More please!!!!!!!
Markeya H (2 years ago)
keemaah (2 years ago)
Thank you for this video <3
Bravoooo!!!! Extremely true
AR win (5 months ago)
Yes dear ...you true
MissBarbieDeluxe (2 years ago)
Your Right On Point Sis! Great video, I'm Engaged and can relate here. Your always real! Thank you for the love(: Your a Sweetheart!!(o: You are sooo right, how you can speak things into existence, its so dangerous to fixate your mind and heart on the negative. You must protect your heart because all life flows through it. . Love you Char!
MissPrettyN'Pink (1 year ago)
I mean beauty is the eye of the beholder
MissBarbieDeluxe (2 years ago)
+MissCharmsie Aww, Thank you!!! (-:
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! And congrats on your engagement 💞💞💞
Mercadez Michelle (2 years ago)
More videos like this Yes! So helpful every thing I think in my head you just put into words lol
Shana Daves (2 years ago)
This video spoke to me SOOOO much! I really hope you make more that are similar :)
Jen E. (2 years ago)
Truth! I can vouch for all of these.. I've been the too confident jerk who thought they knew it all until I got with a jerk, and saw myself in him. Humbled me. I left him and now I deal with the low self esteem so I'm on a journey to finding my renewed humble confidence because I never wanna make anyone feel like that. The last one is true too.. He hit me on my dm on facebook.. guess he seen that im doing better.... I deleted that crap and it felt good 😊 lol!
SiimoBlanco (2 years ago)
I loved it! Definitely do more chatty videos, I wish I had the courage to do any of what you are, so it's great! Another big one is patience. I always think I'm gonna find "him" everyday lol I need to stop looking and just chill out. Thanks so much!
Mardia Powell (2 years ago)
I really enjoyed this video :-)
SuperAMGoyes (2 years ago)
You have a lot of wisdom for being so young. ❤️ I'm 48, loved your words.
Lashun 9274 (2 years ago)
Great job on the video....and your makeup is on point! 👍
Crystal DivaLevy (2 years ago)
Great video. I love chatty vids lol keep it up..this is something a lot of people need to hear.
AR win (5 months ago)
Oh yes very much like it
falexis (2 years ago)
All truth. Thank you for this video Charmsie.
Camika C (2 years ago)
Thanks so much for sharing....Definitely more chatting videos.
simplyuneeke (2 years ago)
This was very educative, i was actually the one that walked up to my current bf and started conversation. So another tip stop waiting for the guy to make the first move, go for it.
C M (2 months ago)
Please don't confuse us were you the one to ask him out or did you just talk to him there is a difference.
Seated With Christ (2 years ago)
I feel like this video was meant for me. I needed it! Lol thank you! 😊
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
You're welcome! There are no coincidences :) glad it was helpful ❤️
Shelby Monita (2 years ago)
Words of wisdom Charm.
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thanks Shelbz 😁
77deerose (2 years ago)
Amen! Good Message! Yes do more.
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Piscesgirl03 (2 years ago)
Yes! So true. My friend and I always joke about her being too picky. When I met my husband she joked at his car but it was paid off and he is amazing meanwhile she's still single :(
Pulling the Strings (3 months ago)
You also don't need to settle for any trash that comes your way when you're most vulnerable.
Lu R (5 months ago)
Piscesgirl03 See, you are good. Excellent
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Happens way too often! Thanks for sharing ☺️💞
CherryBoo65 Boone (2 years ago)
Love your video!
CherryBoo65 Boone (2 years ago)
If you make a list and it deals more with physical than internal, you're already on the wrong foot. Also, what you're looking for...are you that too?!? If you want a wonderful person BE a wonderful person.
chuky luver (8 months ago)
CherryBoo65 Boone love
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Yes!!! agreed ❤️
Turquoise Chocolate (2 years ago)
excellent tips! I cried I was hurt. But eventually I got a new job I bought new clothes I started going out more and I'm not dating but I am out with my girlfriends a lot shopping and having a good time. So now my ex is trying to get my attention again. But I just smile wave at him say hello and I keep going. When you are doing well showing some self-esteem and getting on with your life that's when the man is more attracted and wants to come back to you. and begins to realize what he gave up was a good thing. he may even have a lot of regrets. But I never go back. I move forward to more exciting and better things. You gave excellent advice thank you.
AR win (5 months ago)
Oh yes very you did good..I have same experience... before I was nothing.. Thanks now I have some things...
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
That is wonderful Valerie!! Good for you and thanks for sharing, I'm sure others will be inspired to do the same after reading this 💞
Pratibha (2 years ago)
Yes, more chatty videos if you're up for it! :-)
Ciera Johnson (2 years ago)
I really enjoyed this video!! I'll have to think about the LoA,cuz....yeah. I do say a lot of negative stuff as far as finding someone goes. Great job! ☺
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you! I think we're all a little guilty of that at times ☺️ but once you are aware you can make an effort to cut it down slightly! 😁❤️
Springzy (2 years ago)
you're too cute! keep up the great work 😊
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you ☺️
Chanel Johnson (2 years ago)
This is great advise.  Thanks!
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Glad you liked it!
Patricia Boyce (2 years ago)
Very good vlog!!
Patricia Boyce (2 years ago)
+MissCharmsie U are very welcome
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you !

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