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Sandy Posey - Single Girl

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Sandy Posey - Single Girl
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Dara sicsty9 (1 month ago)
I'm must have been about 5years old the last time I heard this??.. I think I'm going to do a burlesque performance to this...#memories!!
Rich (1 year ago)
This song is a remake. It's not the original recording.
AJCN (1 year ago)
Hey Kay McC of Wexford and SW1 hope you get this and had a great life. I remember that Winter and Spring of '74 with great fondness.
gabriele b. (3 years ago)
Love this song...
Robyn Culp (5 years ago)
Nice just like Barbara Eden (Jeannie) does a beautiful version too
Music4allofU (5 years ago)
My mother loved this song when I was a child, and I have have loved it all my life.
sheree rice (5 years ago)
love this song cant beat the oldies good ole memories!!!
Connie Knox (10 months ago)
sheree rice 0kyes
ajdbatfan (6 years ago)
Beautiful song. love this!
victoria obrien (6 years ago)
i still have this album but want this for my pc
MrBuckwilliam (6 years ago)
thanks for sharing :)
Burke Scown (6 years ago)
good memories
Bruce Richardson (6 years ago)
brings back good times
misstery man (6 years ago)
@TACYELLA11 Didn't you just! This and "What A Woman In Love Won't Do" are two of my faves from that era--heck, any era! I was about 10 when she hit the scene, and my opinion of her as a wonderful singer has only grown over the years. "Those were the days."
wdharvey1 (7 years ago)
LOVE how all her songs incorporate the piano as "punctuation"...absolutly LOVE it.
wdharvey1 (7 years ago)
Looks kind of like Katy Perry in one of these pics in the montage. LOVE the song!
Charles Martin (7 years ago)
My ex-wife loved this song. She was from Thailand, and she never really got the lyric, because she did not learn English, when the song was a hit in Thailand.
tan ann deong kenneth (7 years ago)
Nice song from Sandy Posey - I enjoyed listening to her sweet voice this when I was so much younger ...
tuulips2 (8 years ago)
I am so glad I found this!! Thank you Thank you
thegoldenhits (9 years ago)
WoW What a fantastic song love it 5*****

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